Ask M: When a friend is unfair

Dear AskM,

There is someone I know who doesn’t treat me like a real friend, but she expects me to forgive her for everything and be her friend. I’ve gotten into a lot of trouble because of her, and I’ve felt betrayed by her so many times. I don’t want to hang around her—it gives me bad memories. The problem is she gets really depressed about everything, and she acts out (telling untrue rumors about me, or crying, saying that it’s all my fault, basically acting like a child). And I’m scared that if I say anything, she’ll do the same thing she did before, or even worse, act out. If you gave me advice, I’d really appreciate it.

Please help, Hopeless


Dear Hopeless,

Take it from someone who has experienced a similar situation. I know that it’s not easy or fair for her to act like that, but something that you should keep in mind is that everyone has flaws and it’s normal for friends to squabble and argue. How much did this relationship mean to you when she wasn’t acting out? If it meant keeping a good friend, would you put up with the arguments? Your friendship depends on your relationship, so what do you think is greater: how high your rocky mountains go or how far the smooth road lengthens?

Best wishes, AskM


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