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Dear Auggie,

My question is how do you make time for everything? Talk to friends, do homework,  play French Horn, be with your family, go dancing class, EAT so you don’t starve but not so much that you can’t walk, and…well that’s pretty much all I do these days. Sometimes I spend too much time on one thing (usually homework or talking to friends) and then I feel bad because I didn’t play my instrument or spend time with my family or fix my mess of hair. So yeah, I just wish the days could go on until you wanted them to stop! And so that you could go to bed at a decent time. Yeah. Thanks.



Dear Elsabet/Amharic,

I struggle with this too. My homework takes me a long time often, and i end up missing family game nights with my favorite games. I suggest making a calendar, or a planner. Make a schedule for your homework. When will you work on it? Will you take breaks? What class will you work on first? 

I suggest starting with your homework. Your homework is the most important part of school, and if you don’t get it done on time your grades go down. So I suggest getting up early, working on your schoolwork during advisory time, then if you have any class times when you don’t have anything to do for that class, work on the rest. Take any time you can to do your work so you have time to hang out and practice your instrument afterward. 

Depending on what time your dance class is at, it could be easier or harder to get your work done before dance classes. I have a dance class at about 6:30 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it’s a bit easier for me to get my work done beforehand. After dance class, if your homework isn’t done, keep working on it. If it’s done, then skip to practicing your French horn. After practicing your instrument, I suggest that you talk with your friends and hang out with your family. I hope this helped!



Dear Auggie,

How not to procrastinate on school so I don’t dig my self a hole. And would you please make a document that is shared with everyone and students can edit the doc and put there questions.
~Banana republic


Dear Banana Republic,

How to not procrastinate. It’s a hard task when you procrastinate a lot, but if you work at it you can fix it. 

Try listening to focusing music while doing your homework. There’s an album I like on Apple Music called Calm Study Music by Study Music and it helps me stay calm and do my homework, just like the name of the album suggests. If this doesn’t work, try going somewhere with minimal distractions. This way you won’t go off on a tangent and end up not doing your homework. If this doesn’t work, try playing an album of wordless music in a pair of Bluetooth headphones and walk away from your phone. This eliminates the distractions of lyrics and of your phone. Try setting a time limit on fun things on your iPad, and have a parent set the code. When you finish your homework, have your parents turn off the time limit so you can hang out and have fun. 

As for the document, I’d prefer to not use a document because people could edit other people’s responses or even delete them. That would be unacceptable, so we’re going to keep using the form you filled out. Sorry!



Dear Auggie, 

What do you do when a friend is leaving you out and comes to you when their new friends are not there with you?

~Lulia Mehari


Dear Lulia Mehari,

This is a tough situation to be in. You care about your friend, but they find new friends and barely talk to you. Then they come to you when they’re alone. 

 When they come to you, I suggest you talk to them. Tell them you’re feeling left out and that you’d like to hang out with them more. What you say and do next is based entirely on their response. 

 If they don’t want to hang out with you anymore for whatever reason, I suggest this solemnly, but I suggest you find new friends. A true friend will always be by your side, even if they find new friends. 

If they respond saying they’ll hang out with you more, they are a true friend and you should keep them around.
I hope this helped!



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