The Island: Chapter 3

The Island: Chapter 3

Rory’s POV

 *A little bit before they were back in the forest*

             I’m so confused about what’s going on.. I just magically show up here after falling in the rain.. maybe this is all a dream.. a very vivid, very real… no this can’t be a dream.. I encountered a real life demon.. and the pain was way too real to be fake. That really hurt and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got infected.. we’re in a forest for crying out loud.. or we were.. now we’re in a more rocky area.. wait can this even get infected? 

       All these thoughts raced through my mind as we walked back to our forest clearing. “We-we m-made it!” I wiped the blood that dripped down my face, it stained the sleeve of my sweater a deep red. I cringed at the color.

       As we talked, Felix brought up getting me a weapon. Out of everyone, I probably needed one the most. I’m probably going to be the one that dies first.. “H-how are we going t-to g-get one though? Not like I-I-I can ma-make one..” “It’s way easier than it sounds, There’s a whole process to getting one” Felix said.

“T-there I-is? W-what d-do I do?” I said. “You need to slay a monster, and then you get stuff” Felix points to his katana umbrella “You see that, it wasn’t always a weapon” Felix said. “ I-It w-wasn’t?” I asked. I was interested in how he got his weapon. “Yep, it was originally just an umbrella. After fighting a monster I noticed that what used to just be hard plastic, was now a cover for a blade” Felix said, Very dramatically like he was trying to sound edgy.I was intrigued by his story. I wanted to get my weapon and be able to save myself and just feel strong. “ H-How do I g-get one? A w-weapon I m-mean…” I quietly asked. “You need to fight a monster by yourself, I’m not sure if it works for everyone. If you want more info maybe ask that half masked girl” Felix said. “ O-Ok. I’ll a-ask her. T-thanks F-Felix.” I said. “Ok good luck” Felix said. “ Also, Don’t die!” Felix shouted as I walked away. “I-I’ll try n-not too!” I shouted back to him. It was time to get answers from Skylar.


Skylar’s P.O.V

            While I was picking berries to salvage, I heard something running. I was about to move but I couldn’t because it moved too fast. I then realized that it was Rory, the sweater boy. “Hey Sweater Boi, my man!” I happily said when I saw him. “HEY! Where we-were you wh-when I g-got captured huh!?” Rory barked at me. He was just like an angry chihuahua. “I’m pre-pretty sure yo-you were closer than Fe-Felix was” He looked at me with an annoyed look. “ Sorry! I didn’t know it was you.” I nervously replied. “ I was scared that someone was gonna kill me if I went.” I said sadly. I was scared of going. I can’t die after all the times I almost died. This island is a dangerous place.

       Rory sighed and rolled his eyes but then shrugged and gave a sympathetic smile. “It’s fine.. b-b-but I n-need your hel-help.” He looked me straight in the eye. I could tell he was serious. “ Okay”. I said. “ I’ll help you when I hear you.” I said. I just needed to trust him. “ Scream for me first so I know it’s you.” I said as I smiled sheepishly.

       He looked at me with a confused expression but shook it off. “F-fine but yo-you may wa-want to cover your ears.” “Okay.” I said as I covered my ears lightly so I could still hear his scream. “ I’m ready” I said kinda scared. “O-Okay.” He replied. “1, 2, 3” he counted. I didn’t hear anything. Then, I heard a very loud high pitched sound. It was Rory’s scream. It sounded like he hated life, and was a curious person, but was always nervous. After a few moments of him screaming, I could finally memorize his scream. “ T-There. H-Happy n-now?” He said with a puzzled look on his face. “ Yeah, thanks for screaming!” I said with an enthusiastic high pitched voice. “ Pl-Please stop. I’ve Al-Already heard Felix d-do a v-voice already.” He said in a mature voice. “ K. got the message.” I stopped doing the voice. “ Anyways, why are you here, man?” I asked. “F-Felix t-told me to a-ask you for i-info about w-weapons” Rory said. “ Ah, cuz you don’t have one yet.” I said. “ Well, your weapon can be whatever you want. Not just a “katana or gun, just your own.” I said. “B-But h-how do you g-get o-one? Felix said  you n-needed to fight a M-Monster to get one” Rory said. “ Oh yeah! Yes, you fight a monster for the 1st time on your own. Then, you get this type of power in you like you can do anything.” “ Well, in my experience anyway.” I said.” And then, you just make a weapon out of anything you see.” I continued. “ that’s about all I remember. I’ve been on the island a while, but it’s actually been a couple of years.” I said.

Rory’s POV

I thought for a moment. A monster on my own?! This isn’t going to go well.. whatsoever. “Uh.. t-thanks..” I looked away, and we stood there for like.. .A minute, in just awkward silence.”uh.. w-well bye.. I-I.. I g-guess” I spat out, “Bye! If you need any help, just holler!” Skylar said happily . I just slowly backed away before speeding off back into the forest where I last found a monster. I wanted to get my weapon fast.

       As I walked along the outskirts of the forest, I’m really starting to think about this mission…is it all worth getting killed for? Well.. if I get.. no.. well if I make it it’ll- “EEP!” I brushed spider webs off my face and looked to see the river where I met Paisley. I shuddered at just thinking of that name.. I walked closer and peered into the clear water below.

       I heard a shuffle in the bushes and wiped my head around to see what it was. Here’s your chance.. you can do this.. “H-hey! Do-don’t mess with me.. I uhh.. uh I-I-I can fight!” I failed to say confidentiality. I stepped back slightly, preparing myself for whatever’s about to come..

       “Hello sweetheart…” Her feet crunched the ground below her as she slowly walked out from behind the bushes. I could recognise that voice from anywhere, and plus, her inky black eyes clashed with her soft blonde hair, so it was pretty hard to forget her. And not to mention, our last encounter..

       “P-…Paisley?” I readjust my glasses and look into her eyes.. they made my head spin, so I looked away. “I’ve missed you sweetheart.” Her voice was distorted.. like three or four people were talking at the same time. “I-I-I th-thought you-you were dea-dead” I step backwards, stumbling on almost every word. “Oh pa-lease I’m a demonic princess that needs a new king. Join me. Or die.” My heart skipped a beat as she threw her hand out for me to hold.

       I shook my head. “No.. not a-after what yo-you did to me before.” This time I was confident in my answer. But my heart was still going a million miles a minute. She Swung her hand back down to her side in a fist, furiously she started stepping towards me. I walk backwards with my hands up to my chest, looking back to make sure I don’t fall into the river. “Fine… if that’s how we’re playing, you’ve chosen death” she stomped closer and closer until it’s me and her, face to face, so close to the river, one nudge and I’d fall right in. 

       She grabbed the collar of my shirt and stretched me over the water. My feet were straight out, attempting to stay hold of the rocks. “Say you’ll be mine or you drown” her voice was more distorted than normal. I gulped hard and squeezed my eyes shut. “I would ra-rather dr-drown.” I peeked open one eye to see her shrug. “That could be arranged.” 

       That was the last thing I heard before splashing Into the river. My glasses came off with the impact so everything was a blur. I fought to stay above the water but it felt like something grabbed my ankle. I let out a scream before my head was pulled under.. I accidentally breathed in the water, causing me to cough and inhale more. My vision went from blur to black as I lost all consciousness…

To be continued-