The Kaida and Noxus War (Part 3)


Chapter Three

I was really confused about what the old man was talking about . Has mom been lying to me my entire life? No, I just think that this old man is just crazy. Mom would never lie to me, right? Also,what I thought was really funny and weird was that every time I brought up dad she would just change the subject. I told the old man to wait there while I dragged Toby inside the house. 


Zandar: “Toby, I think this old man knows something?”

Toby: “Ya think? That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.”

Zandar: “But you know what the problem is?

Toby: “What?”

Zandar: “My mom is coming home soon.”

Toby: “So we gotta do something.

Zandar: “You got any ideas?”

Toby: “Nope.”


We suddenly heard the door open. I thought it was the old man so I grabbed my bat and marched to the front door. To my surprise it was mom! Oh my god, did she see the old man? I’m so dead. 


Mom: “Honey, what are you doing with that bat?”

Zandar: “Oh, umm, I thought that someone broke in.”

Mom: “No, it’s just me.Oh, hi Toby, didn’t see you there.”

Toby: “Umm, hi Mrs.Hadas.

Zandar: “Mom, Toby and I were leaving for my room.”

Mom: “Well, ok. Tell me if you guys need anything.”

Zandar: “Ok, thanks mom.


Zandar: “Oh my god, we need to get the old man out of here!”

Toby: “How about we take him to the old shed in your backyard?”

Zandar: ”Great idea Toby!”

Zandar: “Let’s go through the back door, so my mom doesn’t see us”


We went through the back door and went around the house to the front door. We found the old man hiding in a big bush by the door and he immediately got up and said: “Was that Emily?”

I put my bat on my shoulder and prepared to strike.

Zandar: “How do you know my mom’s name, old man?”

Old man: “I knew her for almost half my life and my name is Jago.”

Zandar: “Jago, that’s a weird name.”

Jago: “Now, may I tell you the real reason I’m here?”

Zandar: “Go on.”

Jago: “Your father, my brother was murdered. He didn’t die in a car accident.

Zandar: “Wait. you’re my uncle?”

Jago: “Yes, young master.”

Zandar: “Uhhh, master?! Does that mean I’m some kind of royalty?”

Jago: “Yes, you’re the prince of the underworld.”

Zandar: “You mean like Hades underworld?”
Jago: “Yes, the underworld is real.”


With a distrusted expression Toby pulled me aside and said: “Dude, how do we not know this dude is lying or some crazy lunatic?”

Zandar: “For some reason I feel like I can believe him.”

Toby: “Ok, but we need to hide him somewhere or we’re both dead.”

Zandar: “Ok, this is the plan. I’ll tell mom that I’m gonna go to the shed and go look for something in there. Then, you and Jago will quietly go around the back and meet in the shed. 

Toby: “ Ok, let the plan commence.”

Zandar: “Let’s go.”


We went in different directions, and I went looking for mom. I started in the kitchen cause why not. Well, I found her in the kitchen, she was cooking something up. I proceded to ask her:

“What are you cooking up, mom?”

Mom: “I know we haven’t talked about your dad much but I think you deserve to know the truth.”

Zandar: “Really, but where is all of this coming from?”
Mom: “I don’t know, I just had a feeling that it was time for you to know the truth. Ok.”

In a whisper voice I said to myself: “So, the old geezer was telling the truth.”

Mom: “You said something, sweety?”

Zandar: “Oh, nothing mom. You were saying.”

Mom: “First order of business, your father didn’t die in a car crash.”

I said in an angry and betrayed tone: “So you’ve been lying to me my entire life!!”

Mom: “I know this might not be easy for you, but your grandfather is an evil man.”

Zandar: “You mean the king of the underworld.”


With a shocked and concerned face my mother said: “Who told you that?! My goodness, the time I’ve been worrying about has finally come.”

Zandar: “What do you mean by the worried time has come?

Mom: “Zandar, this is serious. Who told you?”

Zandar: “I think you should see him for yourself.”

Mom: “Wait for me here. I need to get my sword.”

Zandar: “Wait what?!”

Mom: “……………..”