The Island: Chapter One


Rory’s POV

        “Bye Nick! S-see you t-tomorrow.. I won’t b-be back till l-like n-noon so s-see you then!” I yell out as I open the gas station door. As soon as I step out, it starts raining. It was a quiet drizzle for about half the walk home but then the rain started to pick up. The drops started to land on my glasses and it made everything look…distorted.. but not how drops would usually look on glass, but it seemed like colors and shapes popped out of nowhere… distracted, I slipped on a puddle and barreled down crashing into a bench. I felt my glasses slip off my face and after that, everything was a dark blur.

       “Aauuooww…” I groaned and squinted looking for my glasses. Everything seemed brighter, like it was early afternoon. It also felt like it was warmer, like summertime. I had no idea where I was but I could feel I was on grass when I used my arm to stable myself as I stood up. I could make out a lighter blob among the grass, I picked it up and realized they were my glasses so I put them on. I could see a small crack that emerged from the side and spread to about the middle of the lens. Everything focused around me and I could see I was in a forest… How did I get here?


Felix’s Pov:

     I’m currently sitting on a high tree branch, Adding the finishing touches to my mask. I have been working on it for about a week, it’s finally wearable! Then, I heard a noise. Wait- who or what is that. I can’t tell if it’s a human or one of the weird island creatures, Well better safe than sorry! I grab my katana and take the umbrella cover off and I put on my mask. I jump out of the tree in a battle-ready stance. I feel my feet touch the ground and I see what it was, it looks human. I grab their sweater and pull them up to my face, holding my katana in my other hand. “Who are you and why are you here…”


Rory’s POV

       It all happened so fast. One moment I was minding my own business trying to figure out where the heck I am, the next I’m dangling two feet in the air with a katana to my neck. I try struggling and clawing at the hand around my sweater collar. With no avail I give up, but keep my hands on his and I try explaining who I am. 

       “I-I uh Uhm R-Rory.. R-Ro-Rory uh Araki-Arakido,” I was stumbling through my words like always but this time I could barely get a word out. I couldn’t tell if it was because I could die at any given moment because.. this particular person didn’t seem to like me much.. or because his clutch on my collar was choking me. 

       “M-my na-name is Ro-Rory an-and I don’t k-know wh-why I’m here.. I-I-I c-can’t breathe c-can you p-put me down-down?” I smiled weakly at him, still keeping my hands on his and keeping hopes to not fall two feet to my death.. why was this guy so tall? 

       “Pl-please. I pr-promise I’m n-not going to h-hurt you. Pl-plus you c-could probably c-crush me..” I laugh a bit. Please don’t kill me.. please?


Skylar’s P.O.V

            I’m hiding behind a bush right now. I’m hiding because I heard swift sounds nearby and dark shadows ahead. My father always told me to be observant and move quickly to hide from enemies. As I catch a glimpse of the shadows, I realize they’re just other people. Not Island monsters.“Finally some other people here!” I see that they’re fighting so I don’t intervene just yet. They were two guys. One with a mask and katana, and another with a sweater in fear.“They’re fighting!” I lean in to try to hear what they were saying. It sounded like the sweater boy was pleading for his life and the masked one didn’t seem to want to hear it… poor kid. As I strain to hear what they were saying I fall into the bush flatting leaves and sticks below me. And now, I’m here now. It’s been 15 minutes and they haven’t stopped. I can’t wait anymore. I’m gonna do something now! I side hopped on the trees and used my legs to separate those two. I then pointed my gun at the one with the mask. “Don’t kill him. He doesn’t deserve it” I said.



       When Skylar pushed them apart Rory flung and hit the ground pretty hard. Now he’s just laying flat on his back, gasping for air. “Who are you? Where did you come from? And I wasn’t planning on killing him.” Felix said. “Oh t-thank GOD.” Rory sighs in relief, still breathing heavily. “I w-wasn’t p-p-planning on d-dying any t-time soon..” he smiles. “Oh, I’m Skylar, a person. Who are you? and why are you threatening him!” Rory nods. “Yeah wh-what pr-princess over h-here sa-said.” “Oh. I’m not a princess, just a girl.” Skylar said. “g-good be-because you’re n-not that pretty any-anyway.” He says flatly. “ Are you complimenting me?” Skylar said smugly. “N-no. I d-don’t think you u-understand the wo-word “not”.” He says sharply as he sits up, and fixes his hair. Skylar is silent for a moment but understands a little.” 

       So, are you guys monsters?” Felix asked. “The r-real question I-is wh-who are y-you. And-and why wo-would I b-be a monster? D-do I look like one?!” There’s a stinge of anger to his voice. “I’m sorry for what I did like 3 minutes ago, my name is Felix and I have been here for about 2 weeks. And even though it’s been a short time, I have already learned not to trust anyone.” Felix said, In kind of a dramatic voice. “W-well just remember, y-you c-can crush m-me so I-it’s not l-like I can do any-anything to you,” he stands up and brushes the dirt off his sweater. “An-and it’s okay.. j-just don’t d-do it again..”   “I’m sorry, and I’m assuming you just came here. As it appears you don’t have a weapon yet.” Felix said, while putting the umbrella case back on the katana. “Y-yes. I ha-have no idea wh-where I am. Why wo-would I need a weapon?” Rory asks, a bit concerned… “Well…” Skylar started. “There are actually monsters here.” “They come from the center of the Island.” Skylar said as she pointed toward the center. “They also come in many forms, and yes, I have been betrayed… before” Felix said, his voice fades into a mumble. 

       “Anyway, I recommend not traveling at night,” Felix said. Rory looks up at the sun and shields his eyes. His glasses were like magnifying glass to ants. “We-well it seems pr-pretty bright o-out to m-me..”  “Based on my calculations, there’s 4 hours of daylight left,” Felix said. Rory looks at Felix with a baffled expression. “How.. ho-how did y-you know t-that?” “It has something to do with where the sun is, it’s hard to explain. The only reason I know is because my parents forced me to take Boy Scouts when I was young” Felix says. “H-how.. fun?” Felix looks around and then remembers something he had to do.. 


Felix’s Pov:

    “Well, there’s something I need to finish doing. Hopefully I will see you later, bye” I said, Climbing a tree and then disappearing out of sight.

       I was busy, doing the things I needed to do, for.. about an hour. Then I heard a scream that sent the birds flying from the trees.


To be continued…