The Island: Chapter 2

The Island: Chapter 2

Rory’s P.O.V

       After Felix left I looked at Skylar and I flung my hand up signifying a ‘goodbye’ before I ran off in the opposite direction of the tree he just climbed. I ran as fast as my tiny legs could take me, dodging trees and leaves the forest offered. I headed towards the center. I was intrigued after they said there were so called ‘monsters’, they had to be joking. After about a minute of running I almost collapsed. My lungs couldn’t take it. I walked around the forest, just exploring until I saw a small stream. 

       It had a slight red tint but I ignored it. Pushing it off as the dirt on my glasses. Oh! Thinking of glasses! I slid them off my face, blurring the world once again. I crouched down and dipped them into the water and rubbed them with my sweater. When I slid them back on I noticed where I had put my hands in the water, the slight red tint turned into a deep crimson. I looked down at my hands and they were covered in the substance. I could hear the steady drip of it coming off my glasses. What.. What is this.? 

       Without thinking, I put my finger into my mouth. Blood.. I pull my finger out of my mouth and spit onto a nearby rock. Disgusting. I hear something rustle in the bushes near me and stand back up quickly and I whip my head around looking for the source of the noise.

       “F-Felix? S-skylar?” I start to panic a bit as I’m smaller than most everything here.. by about 2 feet or more.. “please.. please d-dont hurt m-me..”

       “Oh don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you!” A girl walks out of the bush and I’m confused.. A soft female voice is attached to the body.. she walks closer and closer. I step back until one of my feet falls into the river.. I almost fall into the stream but she grabs my arm and pulls me back up. She has blond hair that’s quite long, and she’s about the same height as me. 

       “T-thanks.. I guess? Ow… ow OW” she had claw like nails that she started to dig into my arm.. my eyes started to tear up. “Y-you can l-l-let go now.. OW CRAP LET G-GO” I tried to rip my arm away but she kept holding on, causing a deep scratch across my arm. “Oh come here baby” she pulled me closer and closer and her voice got more and more distorted the more she talked. Eventually I was close enough to her that she could grab my face. And that is exactly what she did. Still digging her fingers into my arm, she grabs my face and pulls my mouth even closer to hers. “The names Paisley by the way” 

       She pulled into a kiss but before I could do anything or say anything, I collapsed onto the ground, the world going into blackness.

       I woke up in a cave. A wet mildewy cave. When my eyes went back into focus, I could see the crack got bigger on my glasses when I fell for the second time today. I could also see a specific blondy in my face. “GOOD MORNING! Okay well actually it’s not morning you were only out for about 5 minutes but good luck escaping my love now!” I try to pull my arm up to fix my glasses, and that’s when I realize I’m chained to the wall. Not surprised..

      “C-can i pl-please go?” I ask. “Hmmmmm nope! And just for that stupid question…” she galloped over and grabbed my face and prys my mouth open. I tried fighting back but the chains stopped me from most movement. 

       She grabs one of the top front teeth with her claw like nails, and ripped it out. My scream echoed through the crave and I’m sure someone here could have heard it. My eyes welled up with tears and blood dribbled down my mouth. 


Felix’s P.O.V


     Yea, I should probably check that out I thought, I know that now there’s other people here on this island. I start running through the branches in the direction I heard it. I went past where the forest ends and the rocky terrain begins. I don’t know this land as good as the forest. I look around, I suddenly see a trail of a red substance that appears to be blood. I decided to follow it. 7 minutes pass Ok it looks like it leads to behind some rocks, so there’s probably an opening behind it. I pushed the rocks out of the way Ah yes, I knew it! I look in and see the boy from earlier, chained to a wall.


Nobody’s P.O.V


       Rory looks at Felix with a bloody smile and an attempt at a wave. “H-hey l-look who it is!” “What happened? I only left you alone for an hour!” Felix said, grabbing his katana because he has a sense that a monster is nearby. “Uh.. I m-may or may n-not have gotten ca-captured?” Rory laughs nervously. “This is why I assumed you guys were monsters when we first met,” Felix said, walking into the cave near Rory. “Hey HEY what are you doing he’s mine!” Paisley started to walk up to Felix, Rory’s tooth in her hand and his blood still dripping from her nails. “Oh, it’s you.” Felix said, in a voice 3 times deeper than his regular. “W-what happened to-to your v-voice?” Rory asked, confused. “Nothing, I will explain later.” Felix said, still doing the voice. “C-cool. NOW G-GET ME OUT-OUT OF HERE BEF-BEFORE IM FRE-FREAKING TOOTHLESS!” Rory screams, annoyed.

       “No NO NO” Paisley yelled, obviously angry. “Ok give me five minutes to fight this demon,” Felix said, getting into a battle stance. Rory nods and watches Felix. Dramatically, he opened his umbrella case, revealing the weapon inside. Then in almost a split second later, he closes it. “ NOOO!!! MY LOVE!” Paisley screamed as she collapsed with her body cut in half. “ Finally that Demon is dead” Felix said, still in his deep voice. “ What was she doing to you anyway?” “ Th-That’s a l-long story…but, c-can you please h-help me get out of h-here?” Rory said, shaking after seeing what happened. “Yea, of course.” Felix said, putting his katana away and grabbing some safety scissors. Felix picks the lock using the safety scissors. “T-thanks..” “No problem, anyway we should probably get out of this area. It’s notorious for the Demons” Felix said, finally using his normal voice. Rory nods and follows Felix outside of the cave.They get out of the center and back to where they were earlier. “ W-we m-made it.” Rory says, wiping the blood off his face. “It’s good that you got out alive.” Felix replied. 

       “S-sorry for not be-believing you a-about the w-whole ‘demon’ th-thing..” Rory apologized. “It’s fine, the first time I encountered one I didn’t know they even existed.” Felix said. As they were talking, Skylar appeared from the bushes. “ Are you guys okay? I heard screaming.” “AHHH” Rory screamed again “PLEASE, never sneak up on me again, I almost pulled out my katana!” Felix said. “Sorry! I just do that sometimes” Skylar nervously laughed. “ Plus, I would pull out my gun or punch you if It happened to me.”

       “S-Skylar.. ha-have you bee-been almost killed by a-a monster?” Rory asked as he stopped walking, looking up at Skylar. “Oh.” Skylar answered. “A couple of times, but I always remember what my dad taught me and then I just fight using my instincts.” “That’s great, I fight using a weapon!” Felix said. “Wow! I use a weapon too!” Skylar said sarcastically. “Well I-I-I guess I j-just get cap-captured and you-you guys have t-to save me.” Rory said flatly. “Do you have a weapon?” Felix asked. “N-no” Rory replied. “Would you like to?” Felix said “Y-yeah. I think…” Rory mumbled.

To Be Continued…