The Kaida and Noxus War (Part 2)


Hello again fellow classmates. I’m back with another chapter. I hope you enjoy this one.

Chapter Two


As I got out of the bus with Toby, I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see the exact same old man that I saw behind the bus. In a troublesome yet croaky voice he said:

Old man: ”Are you Zander Hadas?”

Zander: ”Yeah, and what is it to you?”

Old man: ”I really need to talk to you.”

Zandar: ”Stranger danger!!!!!”


Toby and I started running for our lives. When we got home I locked the door immediately. I was so confused. What did that old man want from me? He looked like he really was concerned but that wasn’t my problem. After catching my breath for a few seconds I heard a loud bang on the door.

Old man: “Please, it’s a really urgent matter. We must talk.”

Toby: “Maybe let’s just hear him out.”

Zandar: ”Are you trying to get us killed?”

Toby: “Well I just think he has something important to say.”

Zandar: “Okay, but before you open the door, let me get my bat.” (Mom’s going to kill me!!!!!!!)

Toby: “Zandar, you ready?”

Zandar: “More than ever.”


We opened the door slowly and the man was standing there looking really worried.

Zandar: “What do you want?”

Old man: “May I speak to you?”

Zandar: “Sure, but try something and you’ll leave here in an ambulance.”

Old man: “Ok, but may I come in?”

Zandar: “No, we can talk here.”

Old man: “Ok.”


Old man: “Have you ever known your father?”

Zandar: “No. Why do you ask?”

Old man: “Do you know how he died?”

Zandar: “Yeah, mom told me that he died before I was born. In a car accident.

Old man: “Well, that’s not how he died.”

Zandar: “What are you talking about?”

Old man: “………..”


                           To be continued