Greek Mythology 101: Themis

Chapter IX


Hello and welcome back to chapter nine! As you know we just had Martin Luther King Jr day, and to pay my respects to his hard efforts for equality, I have decided to write about Themis, the Greek goddess of equality and divine law in order. She might look familiar, and that’s because Lady Justice was based on Themis.


An interesting fact about Themis is that she is also a member of the Titans and the aunt of Zeus who, weirdly, became her husband. She went on to have Horae (the seasons), Eunomia (law), Dike (justice), Eirene (peace), and the Moirai or better known as the fates. As mentioned in the first chapter Themis is the child of Gaia (the earth) and Uranus (the sky).


She is visualized to look like a sober woman holding a scale, and sometimes a sword. Themis is an Earth goddess like her mother Gaia. She is highly regarded, Hera even addresses her as “Lady Themis”. 


Themis built the Oracle of Delphi, which is Apollo’s temple. In some legends, Themis helped Apollo find the oracle, trying to help mankind. She warned the gods about a civil war happening in Thebes. Themis is also said to be on the island Apollo was born at, and took care of him and nursed him with ambrosia.


There are some short stories about Themis and they are pretty interesting, for example, this one time thieves stole honey from a sacred cave and when Zeus was about to kill them Themis stopped him because it would be unrighteous . Themis helped a bit in raising Eros, Aphrodite, the mother of Eros, was concerned about her son and asked Themis to make him a brother. So Themis did and soon Aphrodite was pregnant and gave birth to Anteros.


Thank you for reading this chapter about Themis and I hope you enjoyed this chapter too! And have a great rest of your week, see you next time!