Tirsit’s tips for middle school success

In middle school, it is vital to learn about good habits that can help you succeed in the real, unsheltered world. But I have written this article as a sort of guide to help you. This is kind of like those YouTube videos: 5 Tips on how to be a Successful Student. Except there are only three steps, and I’ve simplified them enough so any student can apply them to their daily life. These tips are what I do on a day to day basis; I’ve found that these tips work well for me and I hope they can help someone else too. So please, take a seat as the dining room proudly presents: Tirsit’s Three Tips for Success!

Sleep: The more you sleep, the more likely you are to pay attention in class and focus more efficiently, the reason for this is because we didn’t have enough rest from the night before to power us up through the day. Often times the reason we may be so deprived from sleep is because of one thing: our phones. But do not fret my friends for I have a solution; sometimes I end up going to bed late because I was busy with homework and tutoring that I lost track of time, but what I do instead of just waking up at the usual time is I actually wake up later. I find that adding however minutes you missed from the night before to the next morning helps to make sure you get enough sleep. So if you normally go to sleep at 8:30 but you accidentally go to bed at 8:50, instead of waking up at 5 or 6, wake up 20 minutes later.

Don’t “Over-Study”: I am not necessarily saying not to study a lot, what I am advising is that students will understand the concept more efficiently if they study for shorter periods of time. To study for long periods may be effective for the short run but studying and hour for the science test you have coming up with override and overwhelm your brain to extreme degrees. It is much more effective to study for shorter periods, so instead of studying for an hour on one subject study for 30 minutes with 5 minute breaks. What I do is I study science for 5 minutes as review if I know the concept well, but if the concept is new then I spend 15 minutes everyday going over it. Remember, sometimes studying for long periods isn’t or won’t be as effective as you think.

Manage Your Time: I know, the classic one that’s almost as old as time, but managing your time is extremely important, especially if your someone who has activities after school. My suggestion for time management is to take the time in an advisory to study or finish your homework. Doing this is an obvious one that not many people use to their advantage. Using Advisory time to finish work will relieve stress from doing homework after school and will offer you help in case you get stuck on a question. Working during class time is also one that I cannot stress enough about, instead of conversing with your friends, choose to work during class time. So far for the school year, I have not brought my math homework home, I’ve either got it done during advisory, lunch, or class time.

I hope everyone who reads this article enjoyed it, but something that would make me extremely happy and satisfied is if anybody applied these tips to themselves. If anyone has tried these three tips on success, please leave a comment about the results you’ve received. These three tips can apply to anyone and everyone but the main thing to remember is to stay consistent. I genuinely do hope that everybody enjoys these tips and hopefully you’ve stayed consistent enough with them that they work for you!