Ranking Skittle Flavors (Originals only)

Photo from candy machine.com

Photo from candy machine.com

Hello, I have decided to start a new series. A series where I rank things. I have a couple ideas of what to rank such as candy, sports teams, and other things, but if you want me to rank something, comment below and I will probably do it.

Lets get into the rankings.

FYI: I’m only ranking the original flavors, lime, orange, grape, lemon, and strawberry

5. Lemon

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Lemon comes in 5th place and it deserves that spot. The taste is somewhat dampened. The flavor doesn’t pop in your mouth like some other flavors. It’s easily the worst flavor of skittle, no debate.


4. Orange

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Orange comes in at 4th place in a spot that I believe fits.  Orange candy in the candy world is often bad. The orange skittle tastes like an orange peel, not an orange. The lack of flavor and overall sad taste of the skittle puts it rightfully in 4th place.

3. Lime

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Lime comes in at 3rd place. Lime is the middle ground of skittle. A great flavor, but it falls short to the powerhouses ahead of it. Lime is like cake, you have some and it’s delicious, but too much and you feel sickened.

2. Grape

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Grape comes in at 2nd and it is one of the best flavors in any candy. This flavor is delicious. It has taste, it is fruitful, and the flavor explodes in your mouth. It is amazing. I would put it first if it weren’t for one skittle.

1. Strawberry

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The red skittle comes in at first and it deserves it. It has all the qualities of grape with better flavor. There isn’t much more than that. It simply tastes better.