Wicked the Movie: My Thoughts


   Ever since it’s opening in 2003, people have been begging to see a movie based on the Three-Tony-Award-Winning musical, Wicked, which is based on the book, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory Maguire, WHICH was based off of the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Buam. A lot of “based off of”s I know.


   People knew that they were eventually going to make a Wicked movie, (although they didn’t think it’d take almost 20 years) the real question was about the cast.


   People had been requesting people like Dove Cameron, or Ashley Park as Glinda, Ariana DeBose as Elphaba, and Aaron Tveit as Fiyero, and there was a rumor that Harry Styles was going to be Fiyero, which he could possibly pull off, but now the film has been announced, along with the cast for Elphaba and Glinda.


   It has recently been announced that Cynthia Erivo will be Elphaba and Ariana Grande will play Glinda, and they are currently looking for mainly disabled actresses to play Nessarose, Elphaba’s sister, and here are my thoughts on this cast.


   Personally, I am glad that they are having a black woman play Elphaba, considering the show is about discrimination against Elphaba because of her green skin. However, while I do think Ariana can sing, she doesn’t have either the sound for broadway, or Glinda. Sure, she did make her debut on Broadway for 13 The Musical, but her pop music sound doesn’t fit the belty Galinda.


   Another thing concerning the cast is James Corden. He somehow weaseled his way into musical movies and isn’t stopping. He’s ruined Into the Woods, Cats, The Prom, and Cinderella, all in the span of a few years, and now people fear that he’s going to play Dr. Dillamond in the movie, and they have created a petition to desperately keep him out of the movie. Pretty much nobody likes James Corden, and neither do I, so I think this is hilarious, and I too hope he doesn’t show up in this movie.


   Filming for Wicked was supposed to start in March, but got pushed back to June due to COVID, so I hope that it will get better so we can get this movie sooner.


   I also want YOUR opinions on the cast of this movie! Say who you’d cast, your thoughts on Cynthia and Ariana, or your thoughts on James Corden in musical movies.