Cool And Weird Animals

Cool And Weird Animals

  • Tardigrade: A microscopic creature that is almost invincible. They can go insane amounts at a time without eating any food or drinking water.

  • Blobfish: A foot long fish that seriously looks like a face. They eat crabs.

  • Platypus: A platypus is the only mammal that lays eggs. They have a duck bill and beaver tail. Platypuses are also venomous.

(I was told by a bunch of people in the hall that apparently there are 2 egg laying mammals. The other one is called an echidna. Sorry.)

  • Turritopsis dohrnii: A jellyfish that can literally live forever. They have an ability to restore to an older body they had.

  • Reticulated python: A python that can grow to be over 16 feet long. The longest snake ever was a reticulated python

  • Komondor: A breed of dogs that looks like a mop more than a dog. They can be used as sheep herders. 

  • Japanese Spider Crab: A japanese spider crab is a huge aquatic spider. They live underwater in the near oceans of Japan. They are around 40 pounds normally.


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