My Favorite Candies


Yesterday was Halloween and here is a list of the best 10 types of candy in my opinion. If you don’t celebrate Halloween you hopefully still like candy.

10. Dum Dum: A circular lollipop. Comes in many flavors

9. M&Ms: Small candies. Can be filled with many things

8. Smarties: Small candies. I like how more than one flavor comes in a package.

7. Candy Corn: The flavor just pops in your mouth. Quite Good.

6. Twinkies: Small cakes with some white cream inside. I love them.

5. Crunch: Small chocolate bars with a slight crunch to them.

4. Twix: Chocolate and Carmel. So delicious. Best thing since peanut butter.

3. Reese’s Pieces: A thin outer layer covers smooth peanut butter. Lovely.

2. Almond Joy: Coconut and Almond flavors on the inside with chocolate on the outer layer.

1. Butterfinger: Number one. Nothing else comes close. Peanut butter crunch with chocolate. Absolutely amazing. By far my favorite. It deserves the royalty it gets.

Comment your favorite candy! Or a candy you hate!