Left Handed or Right Handed?


Two Eagle Call Staff Writers, Grace and Eyerusalem have been fighting over if left-handed or right-handed people are better, so we are here to settle this important debate. This has been a fight between them for a long time. Grace prefers right-handed, while Eyerusalem prefers left- handed people.


Four of our Eagles Call Staff Writers, Olivia, Grace, Salma, and Eyerusalem went and asked a question to different advisory classes. They asked multiple people if right-handed or left-handed people were better, and with that, the results came in with 37 for right-handed and 14 for left- handed. Right-handed won!


Grace, Olivia, and Salma think right handed people are better because the world is designed for righties. It’s easier to do things like opening a fridge, cutting with scissors, and swiping credit cards. People also believe that righties are more intelligent than lefties, and people say that righties live longer. Cons to lefties are that it can cause you to think differently, and it may affect your school performance. Being a lefty can also affect your physical health and cause you problems. Those may be myths, but that’s what most people believe. 


Eyerusalem thinks left-handed people are better because they are less common. They are better at some sports, they’re most likely to pass a drivers test, and they have better problem-solving skills, plus more. 


Some people said both, most people said right, and a very little amount said left. Mr. Dudley’s advisory had the most people vote for left handed!


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