Christmas at VMSS

Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas! here are some VMSS students that celebrate Christmas during the holiday season, and some of their favorite traditions.


Derrick Whitley – His favorite tradition is opening presents on Christmas Day. He usually  stays home for the holidays, but sometimes he goes to his Cousin’s house.

Majah Dixon – Her favorite tradition during the holiday season is Secret Santa. On Christmas Eve, she goes to her grandparent’s house for Christmas Eve dinner.

El Carlson – Their favorite tradition is to listen to Christmas music with her family and friends during the holidays. They stay home, and their family opens presents and has fun.

Allie bedeaux – Her favorite tradition is to set up for Christmas. She hangs out at her house, and goes to other families houses.

Lily Everaert – She loves to get together with her family. On Christmas Day she goes to her grandparent’s house, and sometimes her cousin’s.

Ayden Radke – Near Christmas, he and his family go and look at Christmas lights around the city. On Christmas Day, he goes to his Grandma’s house.

Leah Rutherford – Her favorite tradition, and what she does on Christmas, is she goes to her grandmas house, and her cousins come over, and they hang out all day.

Lucy Bulinski – Her favorite tradition is to set up elf on the shelf for her sister. On Christmas Day, she goes to her uncles house all of her family is there.

Samtha Nunguia – She loves to open presents. On Christmas Day, she goes to her cousin’s house.

Tyler Teporten – His favorite tradition is when one person hides a pickle ornament inside the Christmas tree, and who ever finds it, they get to open their present first. On Christmas Day, he goes to his Aunts house.


As you can see, lots of people like Christmas, and their favorite tradition. Comment what your favorite holiday is! Thank you for reading, and happy holidays.