WandaVision: All of your questions answered and my thoughts

WandaVision: All of your questions answered and my thoughts

Calling all WandaVision Fans! Hello! In this article, we will review WandaVision and answer all of your questions. There is a few spoilers!

1. Is Vison Alive?

As we see in Avengers: Endgame, Vision gets killed by Wanda, but not in the way you are thinking… and then Thanos kills Vision again when he rewinds time. When Wanda goes to see the space that “They would grow old in” and she has so much grief for Vision that she creates a new Vision with her powers, but she knows it’s not real.

2. Is Wanda the Villain?

Technically, yes. Wanda created this world (the “hex”) with her powers, but she just couldn’t let go so she didn’t realize it until all of these people came into the hex. But, Wanda is figuring it out, as herself: the Scarlet Witch.

3. What happened to Tommy and Billy?

Tommy and Billy were Wanda’s two twin sons, and when she let go of the hex, they disappeared, like Vision.

My Thoughts!

My friend showed it to me at first, and I just wanted to watch them all! It is great show, showing point of view, grief, and the importance of family. I have watched it twice now and it is just one of my favorite shows. If you like Marvel and you want to watch this, I would highly recommend it! Thank you for reading!