There’s a secret code in this article. Try and find it.

FYI: If you want to find the code. You must read this in your school iPad. If you are the first one to complete the code, you will get a prize.

Secrets, secrets, secrets. One is in here. Many secrets. They can be whispers, coDes, or messages. The possibilities are endless. A secret hidden message Is something a sleuth loses sleep over.

Vegetables, fruits, bread. i find these foods to be a delightful treat to me. I also really liKe candy. Candy is a treat that one can create a sweet tooth with. But bat, bug, spIder, and rat. All these aren’t good. But bread is good. Bread bowls, toast, rolLs, sandwiches. They all nourish me plenty.

When I get to eat Raisin’ Canes, wHen I get to eat the chicken with the sauce, I eat it so fast. Every chance i get to eat Canes I do.

When I get pizza, It’s cheese pizza. When I “get sushi”. It’s crab rolls. When I get presents for my brother, for him, sports. It’S something he really likes. When it comes to his hobbies, sports and games, aLl of his hobbies revolve around that. When I hang out with him, he and i have great times.

When I watch sports, I really want my team to win. When they Get the win, I am very happy.

Did you find it? The code was in those paragraphs of text. You should have a 12 word code, but you need to give the message to someone. That is where this comes in.

7 9 22 5 20 8 5 3 15 4 5 20 15 13 18. 3 18 15 19 19.