NFL Full Playoff Predictions

Madison Williams, Sporting News

With one week left in the NFL season the playoffs are about to begin with the best teams going head to head. This article will be my predictions for the entire playoffs.

First, seeding for the playoffs


1. Titans

2. Chiefs

3. Bills

4. Bengals

5. Raiders

6. Patriots

7. Steelers


1. Packers

2. Buccaneers

3. Cowboys

4. Rams

5. Cardinals

6. 49ers

7. Eagles

Now with that out of the way here are my predictions for the entire postseason

First Round


Buccaneers (2) vs. Eagles (7)

The Goat and his team roll into the playoffs as the 2 seed and face the 7 seeded Eagles. The little guy Eagles put up a fight, but the Goat simply cruises to a 38-17 win to advance.

Cowboys (3) vs. 49ers (6)

The Dallas Cowboys play at home with a rested squad but will have to stop the monster that is the 49ers defense. This will be a close back and forth game but the Deebo Samuel will have 2 touchdowns in a monster game. Nick Bosa will terrorize the Cowboys with 2 sacks and the 49ers will win 24-20.

Rams (4) vs. Cardinals (5)

Division rivals will clash in this matchup featuring some great matchups. Hopkins vs. Ramsey, Stafford vs. Kyler, Aaron Donald vs. Chandler Jones. This will be an amazing game to watch. Cooper Kupp will carry the Rams just like he did with my Fantasy Football team, Aaron Donald will flatten Kyler Murray at least twice, Jalen Ramsey will lock up DeAndre Hopkins, and the Rams will win decisively 31-21


Cheifs (2) vs. Steelers (7)

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are red-hot heading into the postseason and are ready to rumble. T.J. Watt and the Steelers made it in by upsetting the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Mahomes will have 350+ passing yards and 3+ touchdowns ending Big Ben’s career on a low note with a score of 42-10 Chiefs.

Bills (3) vs. Patriots (6)

The division rivals will meet again with these foes going toe to toe. This game will be a defensive struggle. It will be hard for Josh Allen and the Bills to get past Bill Belichek and they won’t. Allen will be held to under 150 yards and the Patriots will win 17-6.

Bengals (4) vs. Raiders (5)

Joe Burrow and the Bengals won the AFC North in a while and will hope to snap their 31 year playoff win drought. The Raiders made it in with a win over the Chargers in overtime. This will be and offensive shootout but Ja’Marr Chase will have a huge day with 200+ yards and 2 touchdowns in a 38-31 win.

Second Round


Packers (1) vs. 49ers (6)

These two played earlier this season with the Packers winning on a field goal. But that was before Aaron Rodgers hit his stride. Rodgers will go off with 2 weeks rest for over 350 yard and will hit Davante Adams for at least 2 touchdowns. The 49ers can do nothing but watch as the best Quarterback in the league annihilates their defense in a blowout 31-7 win.

Buccaneers (2) vs. Rams (4)

This will be an interesting matchup in witch great defense will match up against great offense for both sides. Cooper Kupp will again be amazing with 2+ touchdowns but it won’t be enough to stop the GOAT. The Buccaneers will win 35-21


Titans (1) vs. Patriots (6)

With Derrick Henry returning to the Titans, the Patriots defense will have to keep up with pure greatness. Mac Jones will have a good game,  but King Henry is too much and the Titans win 24-14.


Chiefs(2) vs. Bengals(4)

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will again look to move on against a fierce young core consisting of Ja’Marr Chase and Joe Burrow. This will be a fiery matchup with lot’s of points. The Bengals will attempt but the Chiefs will advance 41-31.

Conference Championships


Buccaneers(2) vs. Packers(1)

This NFC Championship rematch will show some of the best Quarterbacks in the league, maybe of all time. This will be the Buccaneers defense vs. the Packers offense. Aaron Rodgers will have a phenomenal game but in the end, it’s a NFC Championship so the Packers will lose. 28-21 Buccaneers win.


Chiefs(2) vs. Titans(1)

The two best teams in the AFC match up in this blockbuster matchup. Derrick Henry and the Titans vs. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. The Titans I believe are more well rounded, but the Chiefs offense is very explosive. Mahomes will dominate the Titans defense in a Chiefs 38-28 win.

Super Bowl

Buccaneers vs. Chiefs

In a Super Bowl rematch, the Chiefs will look for revenge in this matchup. Mahomes will struggle, but he won’t have to run for his life every play. The superb defense of the Buccaneers will make for the Goats 8th Ring. Buccaneers win, 31-21