Help Save Men’s College Gymnastics


Mens gymnastics is the one of the fastest dying sports in America.

In 2020, the U of M shut down their men’s gymnastics program due to lack of funds and spectators. Why is this sport dying as fast as it is?

Well, one reason may be for sexist views. Typically, gymnastics is seen as a feminine sport. Because of this, people are supporting men’s gymnastics less and less. In 2020, Shane Wiskus was nominated for the 2021 Olympics and got the silver medal for his parallel bars routine. You may be asking why is this important, well this is important because Shane Wiskus went to the University of Minnesota and was there best all round competitor. But beating Shane Wiskus, Brody Malone finishing in tenth place all round, and followed closely by Sam Mikulak who got twelfth place all round.

Now some of you may not agree with me having Shane Wiskus as the star of the article because he didn’t even get on the leaderboard, but I chose him because he went to the University of Minnesota and won near all his college meets.

you can help by donating to this link which will go right to the University of Minnesota’s Mens gymnastics funds.
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