Who is this? Meet the Twins: Jhoan Duran Edition!


Julio Cortez, Associated Press

Who is he?

Jhoan Duran is a rookie relief pitcher on the Twins. He throws a variety of pitches but most notably is a fastball that climb up to 103! Duran is very exciting to watch.

How did we get him?

Duran was a part of the Eduardo Escobar trade in 2018. He was seen as a flamethrower with lots of potential but was still in the lower minor leagues.

How’s he doing?

Duran’s first career appearance went well. Inheriting a sticky situation, no outs, Duran threw 3 strikeouts to get out of the pinch and threw one more scoreless inning after that. Duran has given up 2 runs in 12 innings of relief. He also got his first career save for the Twins on May 3rd.

What’s his role?

Duran has already  taken the closer position after Taylor Rodgers was traded on opening day. He joins a variety of new pitchers for the Twins that have all contributed to their play. Duran should be a reliable closer for years to come with his pitch variety and speed.