Vikings vs. Bears Preview and Prediction!

Bob Warja, Chicago Now

Bob Warja, Chicago Now

The Minnesota Vikings play the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. The Vikings look to take the 7 seed with a win and the Bears try to play spoiler.


The Bears have been a recent pain for the Vikings while they look to stay in playoff contention with a win. It will depend on if the Washington Football Team wins on Tuesday. If they can sweep the Bears and pick up a win over either the Rams or the Packers, they will likely get the 7 seed at 9-8.

Da Bears

While technically still in playoff contention, the Bears look to bring the Vikings down with them. The Bears would be eliminated with a loss. They play the Vikings once more this season in Week 17.

3 Keys to victory for the Vikings

1. Give the ball to Justin Jefferson

When the Vikings get the ball in JJ’s hands, the offense thrives as I covered in the Steelers preview.

2. Pressure Justin Fields.

With the rookie in the pocket, he doesn’t do well under pressure. If they can force bad throws and turnovers from Fields, they can keep the pressure on.

3. Just play

When we script plays we don’t play well. It’s simple, let the offense hum then watch the magic work.