It’s time for Zimmer to go

John Autey / Pioneer Press

John Autey / Pioneer Press

As I watched Minnesota Vikings lose to the Baltimore Ravens on a game winning field goal for their 2nd straight loss, I came to a conclusion in my mind that I had denied for a while.

Mike Zimmer and Klint Kubiak need to be fired.

Against the Cowboys the offense was stagnant. Bad play calling and bad decisions on the field led to an ugly offensive output where after the first drive, the Vikings put up 3 points in 3 1/2 quarters. Scripted play calling out of the 2nd half against the Ravens led to a poor 2nd half performance on both sides of the ball. The check downs and draw plays will not lead this team to the playoffs. When you have an offense with some of the best skill players in the league, you can’t shut down at certain points. I’m also putting some of the blame on Kirk Cousins. When you barely throw past the chains on 3rd down and constantly check down to your Fullback and Tight End for gains of 3 when we need 12, we aren’t going to win football games. Just throw the ball past the sticks and keep the offense moving like you do early in games, then we can be the playoff team we are.

This team needs a leadership change because I believe that this team can win and make the playoffs if they can continue what they do at the beginning. The Vikings are a 12-5 team but they are performing mediocre at best. I refuse to see Harrison Smith, Adam Theilen, Anthony Barr, and other solid veterans last years wasted sitting at .500, along with Dalvin Cook and Justin Jeffersons primes be wasted like the Timberwolves did to Kevin Garnett.


With a change in the coaching of this team, they can make the postseason and be a solid team and contend for the division once Aaron Rodgers is gone. But if this team does not get Mike Zimmer off the coaching staff, me and other Vikings fans will keep resisting the urge to hire Aroldis Chapman to fire a baseball 105 mph at our TV screens so we never have to watch another draw on 3rd and 19 again.