Worries About The Future With The Crosswalk

The Crosswalk and It’s Problems

Worries About The Future With The Crosswalk

There has been several close accidents of people getting hit by the crosswalk on Gardenview Drive and Baldwin Drive. One of them even got caught on camera by a security camera of a house nearby. Here is the link to watch that video: https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2021/05/03/were-lucky-no-ones-gotten-hit-parents-plead-for-change-to-crosswalk-outside-apple-valley-middle-school/


We interviewed  walkers and teachers for their opinion on this topic and asked them a series of questions. Here are the questions we asked them:


How long have you been a walker that uses the crosswalk?

Do you feel like it is safe for elementary students to cross the street?

How do you feel crossing the street?

Do you think we should change the crosswalk and/or add a stop sign to make people stop?

Why do you think the cars don’t stop?

What do you think will happen in the winter when it is even harder to drive?

Here are their answers:


Ms. Warburton said: “A kindergartener might need someone to help them-but a fifth grader would probably be fine.” To the first question, let’s see what she says next, “Stop signs would be great! I think it would help slow people down.” Then she says this to the third question, “Elementary schoolers are little. Drivers might not see them-especially if they are wearing dark clothes. It could also be because of sun in their eyes or just general distractions like cell phones or just not paying attention. Or even just because they are idiots.” Here is what she said to the fourth question we asked her,”I think people would just slide because of the ice. I think it’s more dangerous when there isn’t snow because people drive more cautiously when there is snow.”


Mrs. Rogers said this to our questions,”Well, it’s better than it was-but it could probably be safer. Yes. Or a cross guard. I think drivers are in a hurry and are distracted. Hopefully changes will be made by then. But if not- I don’t know. I hope nothing bad happens.”


Anonymous said this to our questions,”No they are elementary students. I think we should make it a roundabout. Because truly, we are in a suburban area and people don’t expect people to be there. Kids will get run over. I don’t want that-but that might happen.”




Here are some students that we interviewed:


Axel Patterson said, “I crossed there a couple times. I don’t think so. Nervous because I can’t see hand signals. Yeah or something like that. There is no stop sign. It’s a lot harder to see the children that are crossing the street.”

This is Axel Patterson and Dani Hanson


Dani Hanson thought this, ” I haven’t really used it and was told to never use it. For sure not because no one is there. Not worried but once on the intersection near the school (Oriole Drive) there was a car speeding by. Yes. Same as Axel Patterson and when it is dark won’t be able to see the children. The cars won’t have friction and won’t be able to break.”