Ask Mace: Swimming Season Blues

Ask Mace: Swimming Season Blues

Macie Timm, Staff Advice Columnist

Dear Ask Mace,

I was on the Apple Valley High School Swim Team, but now the season is over and I’m really sad. What should I do to cheer myself up?


-Want to Keep Swimming



Dear Keep Swimming,

Thank you for writing in. We can all understand when we play a sport, or do an after school program and we get attached to it, but we realize it has to end eventually and we are feeling blue.

Instead of feeling emotionally sad, you could look at available swim teams and join those. If you’re still feeling down, you could talk to your friends about how you’re feeling instead of bottling it up. Think about what made you happy about being on the swim team. For example, say you love swimming a lot, look for open swims in our general city area. The more you practice, the better you will be. If you like to hang out with your friends, text them, call them, or schedule a time to hang out.

Try to find other things that you might have another passion for. Maybe think about going for a new sport, you might really enjoy it. Don’t worry, the AVHS swim season won’t be over forever.


Best of Regards,