Netflix Review of Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything


A couple of weeks ago, a new show came out on Netflix. This show was called Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything. This show is for definitely for you if you are curious about different sciences and cool new facts. I rate this show a 4.5 stars. I took away half a star because of how short the series is. IMDB rates it 7.5/10 and it is 100% Rotten Tomatoes.

The host of the show is a person named Latif Nasser who is very interested by these different studies like how birds can tell the weather and how poop can show that cave men were healthier than we are today. I completely recommend it for everyone especially if you like science!

I watched the whole series in a couple days as me and my dad were addicted to it if you can’t tell. The show is very intriguing and as I said earlier, I completely recommend it to everyone.