The End


             Nothingness. Impossible to imagine. How did this happen? Let me take you back to the year 3022 when it started. 

            “We need a plan,” said the captain of Aissur with a grumble in his voice. The Aissur were a huge red species who had big pointy ears and big feet.  “We need to rule the galaxy once and for all! We need to rebuild and finish what we had started.”      

           “Yes sir!” yelled the greatest military generals in the Aissur. They were ready to capture the galaxy. The Aissur used to rule over a big chunk of the galaxy including the world Brung.

            Far far away something was happening that was a bigger problem than anything else for the captain. 216 was born. For this specific species babies grow to adults in a few weeks, the Brung. If there was a war they could be sent out to fight.

          “You are beautiful,” whispered 216’s mom, 231 as she put a necklace around his neck. “Someday you wil-“

           Boom! The ship was under attack. 

          “Everyone evacuate the ship, the ship is under attack,” said the speakers on the ship in a robotic voice over and over again. There were red lights flashing, people screaming in terror and the sound of feet stomping everywhere. 

          “I promise to get you off the ship,” said 231 while crying and running to an escape pod.

          She ran faster than she ever had before. Pushing through the crowd to get to an escape pod. She knew she could put him in and come with but she was on duty. She put him in the pod and hit the launch. 216 floated off to the nearest planet as he was able to see the ship getting boarded by the Aissur. It was captured. This was the first move by the Aissur.

           216 landed on Grendar. A huge dry desert planet. Sitting there with no one and nothing, as he waited for someone to save him. Not really knowing where he was. After all, he was just introduced to the world. No one had come until 5 days later. 

           Pshhhh. The pod was opened by a man named 314.

           He was a tall blue creature with scales instead of skin and a tail just like 216 would grow up to look like. 

          “Hello little boy,” the man said in a queasy voice. The 2 of them traveled to a camp that the survivors had set up not too far away. Meanwhile the Aissur were heading to Brung, the home planet of 216’s people.

          Many other planets far and wide in the galaxy heard what the Aissur were doing. They hated it. They stopped trading and buying from the Aissur and strongly supported the Brung. They were sent supplies to help. They even sent some troops to help Brung. The rest of the galaxy did not want this to be a start of the Aissur capturing the whole galaxy.  The other planets did not want to directly attack the Aissur in case the Aissur captain decided he wanted to come at them too. 

            The Brung were getting ready for war against the Aissur. The Brung did not have as many weapons nor soldiers. The other alien species supplies they were given made it a little closer to even. The Aissur were closing in on Brung. 

         216 and the group of survivors were getting ready to fight. 216 had learned the language of his people but didn’t speak much because he did not know what to say. 

         “Soldiers, we need to be ready!” yelled the self proclaimed leader 564. “We are going to go into battle for our people. We will not retreat!” 

               216 wished he had someone to talk to. The old man 314 was not out of the tent he had built using scraps of escape pods much. 216 wanted to go in there with him but did not want to ask. 216 was starving and most of all was thirsty. His throat felt like it was burning to a crisp from dehydration. There were no species on the planet because nothing could survive on Grendar. 

              The Brung sent a rescue ship that had been called for off of a signal created by the escape pods. It was going to arrive soon. 216 wanted to help but did not know how. No one cared about him. He wished he had a mother or father like he saw other children have. He was merely a child, with no mother. He had no place in this fight but that did not stop him from training with the others. 

         The Brung were a very smart species 216 already had learned about math and science. He was smarter than all humans with just a little bit of teaching. 216 loved learning. He had learned about all types of technology. The Brung had a plan they were going to travel through another dimension to get inside of the command ship of the Aissur and then blow it up destroying the Aissur whole military. Only the top Brung military generals were going to be on the mission though. 216 and most of the others would get dropped off on Brung to help on the ground.

        314 asked, “Are you ready 216?”


        The rescue ship landed and 564, one of the best military generals the Brung had, went on the ship first. Everyone boarded the ship. Everyone was confused because the ship looked really old. There were cobwebs everywhere. Also there was a dent in the side. It looked like it was 100 years old. It was 564’s ship. That was why he called for it. 564 decided it was a good time to talk about all his journeys on the ship. He talked about when he was part of Aissur. When it was called Kety. He also talked about how the Aissur captain would not stop no matter how much everyone else tries to make him. 216 did not like flying, he was scared. He decided to hide in a dark room where he could barely see outside. He found the dark calming.

           They made it to Brung using warp speed. The only problem was that the Aissur were already there. 

       564 had to weave through a battle already going on to get to the ground. The ship made it to the ground safely. 216 was still hiding on it. All the best troops the Brung had boarded the ship with 216 still on it not even knowing what was happening. They lifted off and made it to the point where they were to execute their plan.

         “We need to execute the plan, now!” screamed 564. They flipped a switch and it made the sound of an engine starting. They seemed to teleport into a fully green world. It was beautiful. 216 felt safe for the first time ever. Before 216 could really take it in, the switch was hit again. They had made it. The problem was they were surrounded by Aissur troops. 564 walked out and the leader greeted him.

          “You’ve done it again,” proclaimed the leader of the Aissur.

           564 responded with, “They had no clue it was a trap.” 564 was working for the Aissur.

            216 knew he had to do something. Since he was still pretty small he was able to sneak through the vents hoping he would not make too much clunking noise. He had heard the plan for destroying the ship and snuck into the command room. There were two troops patrolling the control room. 216 knew how to hack the system with what he learned on Grendar. He needed to get there first. 

            216 touched his necklace and whispered, “Be with me ancestors.” When he did this the necklace shined really bright. 216 looked into the metallic wall of the ship. He did not see his reflection, he was invisible.

            He snuck past the guards hoping not to make any noise. He winced after every step he took. He made it past them and ran into the room. He touched the pads and a hologram popped up. He was able to make the system self-destruct by overheating it and making it shut down.

             “Hey you!” the guards yelled. 216 ran as he knew the ship was about to explode. He heard the screeching of the ship. The problem is the leader of the Aissur had too. He knew he lost but he did not want anyone to win.

         “Launch all bombs that we have,” the leader said through the intercom. 

          “But Sir-“

           “Do it!” This message was sent to every Aissur base. The Aissur had enough power to destroy the whole galaxy. 

         216 was still running trying to escape. He weaved through the guards with great speed. He saw a ship lifting off. He ran and jumped with all his might hoping to make it on the ship. He did. He saw that the engines were heating up. He ran. He needed to get through the door closing on the ship before it lifted off. He slid under it, making it just in the nick of time. Just as they lifted off they had jumped straight to warp speed. 

         The bombs had been launched. The whole galaxy was about to blow as every military was launching all there bombs. 216 and the other survivors knew they were not going to have a home anymore. The only survivors were the people with 216. They had traveled outside the galaxy in time. 

        So now you know. This is how we got here. Nothingness. That was the end of the galaxy. The end of many species. The end of the Aissur because the ship 216 boarded was piloted by the Brung that were on the ship and captured. There is nowhere for them to go. No way home. No home.


Authors Note


            This story, titled The End, represents the Russia Ukraine war. I chose to write an allegory about this war because it is happening right now. It should be important to everyone. If this was to escalate to a world war 3, it could be the end of the world. There is enough nuclear power to destroy the whole earth. The Brung represented the Ukrainians. They are an innocent species attacked by the Aissur who represent Russia. The captain is Putin. He is known for being relentless and I represented that in the story. Kety represents the Soviet Union. Ukraine used to be part of the Soviet Union just like Brung was part of Kety. I represented the world with the galaxy and most planets were a country. I showed that most countries opposed the invasion with them stopping interactions with Aissur. The war ended in a bad way just as it could here. I hope that you support Ukraine so that we don’t have our own end.