MBTI Personalities: Introduction


   The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality types are sixteen combinations of the letters E or I, S or N, T or F, and J, or P, each of the letters standing for something about your personality. They are like zodiac signs and astrological charts except they have nothing to do with the stars.


   Before I talk about all the MBTI personalities, I’m going to explain what each of the letters mean. 


   E or I are how outwardly/inwardly focused you are, E meaning you’re an extrovert, I meaning you’re an introvert. Extroverts are people who prefer company for tasks and fun, while introverts prefer to do things alone.


   S and N are how you take in information, S meaning you’re a sensor, N meaning you’re intuitive. Sensors are realistic and focus more on facts and details, while intuitive like to focus on possibilities and the big picture.


   T and F are how you make choices, T meaning you’re a thinker, F meaning you’re a feeler. Thinkers value justice and enjoy finding flaws in arguments, while Feelers like to please others and try to find the best in them.


   And finally, J and P are how you live your outer life, J meaning judger, and P meaning perceiver. Judgers prefer to live by the rules and like to have matters settled, while Perceivers would rather leave their options open and like to improvise and make things up as they go.


   I am going to do an article on each MBTI personality, and if you want to find out your MBTI personality type, you can copy the link to the test below! And if you do know your personality type, what is it?