The Ultimate Guide To Owning a Cat- The Basics

Basics To Owning A Cat


The cat

I’ve been taking care of cats for awhile, and I’m practically a cat master, so I’ve decided to put my knowledge to use in this


In this issue of the Cat Guide, I’m going to be sharing some basic tips and tricks to finding the perfect cat for you. Now owning a cat is a very big commitment and responsibility, so don’t get one unless you are sure you can handle it. The first step to owning a cat, is actually finding a cat. Each cat is different not just in looks, but in personality as well. Each cat is it’s own being.

Some are quiet, some are loud. Some are playful, some are calm. That’s why I recommend going to The Cafe Meow in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They let you go in and spend a whole hour with cats-and they also provide adoptions too! It’s the purr-fect place to meet your new best friend. After you have found a cat, you need to prepare your house for the kitty.

You will need a litter box, some cat litter, food and water dishes, toys, a carrier and I also recommend a cat tree- some are really expensive but you can make your own just out of a box. A cat tree provides a safe, human-free space for the cats to go if they ever feel scared or just want to be alone.

When you bring the cat to your home for the first time,  they will likely be scared and will hide. They will gradually explore the house and get used to your presence. Whatever you do- DO NOT try to engage with the cat during this time. If the cat comes out, just reach out your hand and let the cat sniff you. The cat will grow familiar with your scent and soon trust you. It’s okay for a little pet during the early stages, but don’t pick the cat up unless they feel comfortable with it. That’s about all for the basics! Stay tuned for more Cat Guide editions!