What are you doing for Spring Break this year?


“I’m going to hang out with family and then I’m also going to get braces.”  ~Sonya Yelagin




“I have softball.”  ~Aliyah Passmore





“I’m going to my moms school everyday.”  ~Shannon Reilly





“I’m going to most likely just spend some time at home with my family and everything.”  ~Jacob Obregon




“I’m going to be going to Chicago with my family.”  ~Ava Rasmussen




“I actually have to train to become a swim teacher for this summer so, for five days a week I have to spend six hours in a pool. That’s thirty hours At Scott Highlands I think. I get to learn CPR and, I don’t get to train to be a lifeguard until I’m sixteen but I do get to get a feel for what being a lifeguard will be like.”  ~Maddy Rock


“I might go to my grandparents house and hang out with friends.”  ~Emma Fischer




“I am going to hang out with friends and some family.”  ~Leland Hunt




“I’m going to be going with my family to universal in Hollywood.”  ~Nalin Ananthan





How about you, Eagle’s Call readers? Leave a comment down below telling us what you’re doing over Spring Break!