Winter Clothing Drive!


If you are in the leadership class or have seen signs around school, you might know that the leadership class is hosting a clothing drive for the homeless shelter located in Eagan.

We interviewed Mr Adedeji to learn more about it. Mr Adedeji said that he started the drive because he wanted his leadership class to have a chance to make a difference and to take initiative. It is the second year doing the drive but the first year Mr. Adedeji is running it. Mrs. Vaillancourt and her leadership class did it last year but she is not teaching leadership this year so she did not take the lead on the project this year.

We hope to make this an annual event. The donation box is in the band and choir area next to the boys bathroom. They are looking for new and gently used jackets, gloves, boots, any winter clothing. Any size and any brand. They are hoping to get 2 boxes worth of donations. They’re is almost 1 full box, so there’s a ways to go. He chose the Eagan homeless shelter because it is close to our community and the population of the homeless shelter is mainly women and children.

Please donate, the deadline is at the end of the week, November 5th, on Thursday since we have no school on Friday.