Toys for Tots brightens holiday season

The holiday season is finally here, and many people enjoy getting gifts. You may get the latest iPhone, shoes, or new clothes from your favorite store. But in this world, some little girls and boys aren’t as lucky as us. Their families may not have enough money, or they’re in a single parent household. It’s quite possible they would have no new toys to play with come the holidays. Toys for Tots, a charity run and created by the U.S. Marines, makes sure that those kids get the gifts that help make this season so merry and bright.

Created in 1947 by Marine Corps Reserve Major Bill Hendricks and his wife Diane, Toys for Tots is about giving back to the community. In 1947, they were able to distribute 5,000 toys to kids in Los Angeles, California. Now, they are able to distribute around 18 million toys around the nation to unfortunate girls and boys. The program grew because of Bill Hendrick’s Connection to Walt Disney, who designed the logo for Toys for Tots, and spread the word.

Even though Disney helped in spreading the charity’s popularity, it grew mainly because of generous people willing to give to others. Seventh Grader, Audrey Murphy and her family, were some of those people this year. She purchased a doll for a little girl. “It made me feel better, giving back to the community” she stated. This was her first year doing Toys for Toys, and she loved it. As for the doll she says, “I hope a little girl somewhere will love on it and play with it forever.”

If you are not interested in donating a toy, perhaps a monetary donation would help. Toys for Tots needs money to run, especially since it is a nonprofit organization. The money helps them advertise, and get the donation boxes made. Also, if your family has a car they don’t use anymore, they should consider donating it to Toys for Tots. The vehicle donations help Toys for Tots give them outlets for the girls and boys of America to be donated to.

Over winter break, many of us get excited over what presents we are going to get, but there are those who could only dream of getting a gift. “We all need to embrace the holiday season” Peter Eng, a community member and frequent Toys for Tots donor says. The true holiday spirit is giving back to those around us. That is something that all of us should note during this season. So when you receive gifts this year, think of those less fortunate than you, and all you can do to help them through charities like Toys for Tots.


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