VMSS eighth grader inspires others through softball


Photo by: Paul Allen

APPLE VALLEY, Minn– Alison Groeller one of the many 8th graders at Valley Middle School, and is one of the few girls to play on the Apple Valley High School fastpitch freshman team.

Alison has a passion for speaking out to young girls and wants to get more girls to play a sport that is not as popular with younger girls, but is becoming more popular as time goes on. She started playing softball because she always watched baseball and softball when she was growing up and had always enjoyed the two sports, so she figured she should start playing or try to play. She’s been playing since she was 8 years old, which would imply that she started playing in 2013. The next step in her softball career would be to continue practicing and playing hard so she can get better skills.First goal is to have fun, no matter what happens. Second goal is to get better at something she enjoys very much.

She plays softball for the highschool and a club team called The Minnesota Irish. Groeller is a outfielder and catcher, Groeller believes her strongest skill is playing outfield, because she is fast and can track down the ball easily. Groeller’s favorite part about softball is that it gives her something to do other than staying at home being bored. It’s also her favorite thing to do and she’s done it for so long that it’s just part of her and the way she lives. softball means everything to her. If she lost softball she wouldn’t know what to do.

“I feel a rush of excitement every time I step on a field. It brings me a lot of joy and that’s another reason why I play it.”

Groeller has learned many things, from how to hit, to complicated plays on the field. She’s has to learn the pain of saying “I can’t,” she has tell many friends that she can’t hangout because “She has Softball.” From waking up at 4 am on Saturday mornings for tournaments, to getting hurt during games and practices. Softball has changed Groeller’s life because it’s always been there for her when nobody else was. It has also became a huge way of life, and Groeller hopes it stays with her for awhile. The sport is inspirational, it gives many girls the opportunity to play a sport similar to baseball. It also helps young women experience being on a team and it helps them continue or start being active.

“Continue working hard at what you love and don’t give up. No matter how bad you may be or how the game ends, continue to work hard and it will pay off.” -Alison Groeller