Meme history: Doot doot


WITH Keegan and Brennan

Today’s meme is “ Doot Doot Skeleton. ”

What is it? What does it mean?

With Spooktober here, it would be a good time to do this spooky meme. Doot Doot is an animated skeleton head with a trumpet. Users like to spam this meme every October on Social Media. Doot Doot is the sound the trumpet makes when played.

     This skeleton originated from Windows 3D Movie Maker in 1995. It spread around many websites, just like the dancing baby animation which was released around the same time. It got so popular, it even got its own Facebook fan page that was created in March of 2011!

      November of the same year, he made his way to YouTube, where remixes and parodies had began to cloud his fame. In December 2011, a single topic blog was dedicated to our skeletal musician on Tumblr. And today every year, people post our spooky musician on social media.


That’s all, have a Happy Halloween!

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With Keegan and Brennan