A Dogs Way Home: Book Review


Dogs are known to be men and woman’s best friend, and this book will prove it. A Dog’s Way Home, written by W. Bruce Carmeron, introduces a great new perspective of a dog named Bella. This book takes place in Denver, Colorado and tells and extraordinary story of Bella and her journey.

Bella is a german shepard mix. She starts her journey under an abandoned house, ready to be built on. Bella lives with her mom, and her mom’s litter of puppies as well as a cat litter and their mom. Lucas, an average college age man, comes every day to feed the two litters. Eventually, Lucas decides to keep Bella. Lucas rebels against the construction permit to keep the animals alive. As that progresses, Bella ends up in Lucas’s arms and in the process finding her forever home. They live together happily together until they meet someone on one of their walks. The dog catcher. The dog catcher classified Bella as a pit bull mix. They find out that pit bulls are banned in Denver, and were given a warning to keep Bella on their property. Because of the amount of risk that Bella might be captured and taken to the pound. Lucas made the heartbreaking choice of sending Bella away to a friend’s house for a little while to get things sorted out. That’s when the journey begins. Bella can’t wait any longer. She wants to go back to Lucas.

I think the book is an absolutely amazing book because it shows an amazing new perspective of the dog Bella! A Dog’s Way Home is a perfect fit for dog lovers and animal lovers. A Dog’s Way Home has a detailed and amazing storyline of Bella traveling miles and miles back home. Bella is so loyal to Lucas and will do anything to get back to her owner. This book has a ton of action, drama, and adventure. I am truly a big fan of dogs and their impact of being emotional support, loyal, playful and always supportive.

Dogs impacted human kind in so many ways and really are man and woman’s best friend. Find A Dog’s Way Home at local bookstores and Libraries. This outstanding book has been turned into a movie too! You can also check out other books by W. Bruce Carmeron such as A Dog’s Journey and A Dog’s Purpose.