Top five places to shop in the Burnsville area


There are plenty of decent stores in the Apple Valley/Burnsville area. These five stores are at the top of the spectrum. The five stores below are listed into categories including clothing, games, cosmetic/beauty, pet supplies, and arts/crafts. Each store has been through tough inspections and ratings to give you the best of the best. Now onto the five best stores in Apple Valley and Burnsville.

First is Rue 21, a store located in the Burnsville Center that is apart of the clothing category. This store is pleasant. Rue 21 has a very large selection of clothing ranging from graphic tees to winter boots. Another thing about their selection is that they carry both women’s and men’s clothes. Also the prices are affordable and they have a lot of sales on different items of clothing. Lastly, the customer service is superb and the employees are patient. The image shows the graphic tee selection at this location.

The next store, Ulta beauty, is located in Apple Valley and is apart of the cosmetics category. The store has an extensive selection ranging from lower end to higher end makeup, skin and hair products. Also the prices are low and high. Some products are expensive and others are not so much, it all depends on the brand you pick. Next, the customer service is lovely. They are helpful and kind to the shoppers. Lastly, the store has other options of service than just selling products; they offer haircuts, full service makeup and brow waxing, also they offer dermatology appointments.

Another store is Chuck and Don’s pet supply store located in Apple Valley, which is a part of the pet supply category. This store went above and beyond with their customer service. The staff was nice and made conversation. The store carried many different supplies and pet foods and all of the choices they had were organic. Although most of the prices were good, some stuff was slightly expensive, such as organic pet food. Overall, this store is definitely one you should check out for your pet.

The fourth store is apart of the games category and is located in Burnsville. Dreamers Vault is a wonderful store. The selection is of a large size. They have a game for everyone whether you’re into Pokémon or Key Forge, they have it. Also the customer service is good, the employees are very nice and helpful. The prices are affordable and range widely from product to product. Definitely a great place to shop for all your gaming needs.

The final store is Michaels located in Apple Valley. This store is in the art category. The range of products is impressive and definitely enough for you to find anything you’re looking for. Also the prices can be very affordable and they often give sales on items. The customer service is not too bad. The employees are friendly and are quite helpful when trying to navigate the big store. Lastly, the atmosphere is very welcoming and definitely positive.

Apple Valley and Burnsville offer several great stores for you to shop for whatever you need. Whether it’s paint or cat food, these stores got you covered.