Wacky Food-Ramen Burger




Ramen and burgers are two very popular foods- and two of my favorites. But what would happen if we combine the two? In this segment of wacky foods we will be replacing buns, with ramen. This recipe is from the website Kirbys Cravings.

Step 1.Start off by cooking the ramen according to the package. Use less of the seasoning powder, so your ramen bun isn’t too salty.

Step 2. Next drain the noodles and stir in a egg. This is what will make your ramen bun stick together.

Step 3. Spilt the ramen-egg mixture in half. Put each half in the container about the size of a hamburger bun. App something on top to add a bit of weight. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes to let set.

Step 4.  While that sets, make your burger. This could be homemade, frozen or however you like to make your burgers.

Step 5. Heat up a frying pan. Take your ramen out of the refrigerator  and place it on the pan with some oil. Fry for a few minutes on each side of until noodles become slightly crispy.

Step 6. Add the patty and any other topping you’d like.

I wanted to try this wacky food because I thought that it was interesting and wanted to see (mostly) if this ramen bun would stick together. And it did! However, the taste of the ramen burger ended up not being as good as I expected. I thought it was a bit dry, and the burger didn’t have a ramen taste. I feel like maybe it would be better if instead of  eggs in the ramen, we left some of the chicken broth in, or more toppings, or maybe some dressing. However, I would still advise people to try and make this and use some new creative ideas to make this wacky burger!