He Walked By Night


He walked by night but was dead by fall, soul as cold as winter but heart as warm as spring.

Burning eyes like summer I wonder why he walks all alone, in the dark black suit disappeared into the cold.

No one knows his name though no one really cared, blended in the crowd but I saw him there almost as if he wanted me to see.

But then he turned away never again in sight but I know this for sure….he walked by night.

Remember the raven? Of course you don’t, you haven’t seen my dark mind. Some of you have never met me but we would be happy to take a photo.

Just say cheese- oh you wanna know what I meant by “we”? Well not you and me I meant the man who walked by night, it would be rude if I didn’t involve him.

I do see him in the corner in my room every night…. He doesn’t have a face just evil black eyes, even with a hat they’re hard to disguise….

His painful black eyes, who hurt him I wonder, who filled his head with lies. He told me he was happy, I could see past the abyss that he calls eyes, then a cold shiver went up my spine as soon as he told me…

How he died…..by the weeping willow tree. No one heard his cries, it happened past 12 that’s why he walks at night, he said he was looking for his killer…..

It was my mother he described, I told him she died long ago after he died. He said if he can’t get vengeance on my mother and have her head,

he said he’ll just get another one…by killing me instead. Then he smiled almost a wicking  grin then I knew how much trouble I was in.

I ran screaming in the abandoned streets hoping, praying someone would hear me but I had little hope the streets were so empty, almost deserted only me and him in this silent world….

I ran so fast in the thunderous rain my legs felt so numb but I kept running which caused pain, I stopped near a weeping willow tree.

I thought I was safe but he was right behind me. He smiled that evil smile and I know the reason why….. This is the same place where he died.

He held me down and I screamed. He whispered in my ear “She killed me by the weeping willow tree” He said so mockingly in a baby tone but it still hit my core.

The fear on my face, he wanted more, he wanted to see someone hurt other than himself, even if he had to inflict pain on someone else.

But then I felt so much pain, physical one. He united his knife into my chest, he did this non-stop. I couldn’t even scream only thing I could do was rot…

And bleed out and plead quietly, almost a whisper but he didn’t listen.. He was so quiet but then he became angry, he became violent.

He beat me to a pulp, all this sadness he built up inside, he wanted me to feel his pain. His raging emotions, turns out they go deeper and deeper than the ocean.

But soon…. he was done…. I was dead… He was silent but never took that smile off his face, the feeling was so brutal it was so violent.

But then I realized now I was the one lost but a different type now… I am the creature… I am the man who now walks by night.