Chuck and Don’s Review


If you are a pet lover or have been in Apple Valley recently you might have noticed Chuck & Don’s, a pet food and supply store near the Cub Foods . It is a fun chain of pet food and toy stores in the metro area but they also have a few stores in Colorado and in Kansas.

They do have a few of the bigger brands of pet food like Blue Wilderness and Purina Hill Science but they also have smaller more holistic brands such as Primal and Stella&Chewy’s. They also have raw food and treats.

Another service they offer is haircuts and washes. You can pay for add-ons with the grooming, such as calming facials, to help with staining, and nail trims with a massage. They have toys and grooming products. It really has everything that PetSmart or Petco would have but with that fun small store feel.

Chuck and Don’s also hosts events. Their upcoming event is on Saturday, November 21, where you can get 20% off any turkey treat or food in honor of Thanksgiving. There are different events at other locations but they are all considerably farther from here, with the next closest in Lakeville and then Rosemount.


So, if you like small shops or have a common pet, you should definitely check them out!