The German Shepherd


The German Shepherd is a loyal, hard working breed. They are a firm believer of staying true to your family and with the proper training, can be a great family member. They are the 2nd most popular dog breed-according to the AKC and are one of the most hard working breeds ever. 

They were bred in 1899 in, who woulda thunk it, Germany. They were bred by Max von Stephanitz. He strongly believed that dogs should be a working species. So he created the German Shepherd, or in German, the Deutscher Schäferhund. They were brought to America during World War l. Soldiers brought them back from the war and the people loved them.

It is the perfect working breed. The long coat is good in cold conditions and the strong body is good for herding sheep and cattle. They are mostly used now in military and police work and as pets. In police work, they can work to find missing people, sniffing out drugs and illegal objects, and to apprehend suspects. In military work they work to protect handlers and to sniff out mines in mine fields. They are also used to find missing people after natural disasters. They are also used as service dogs for people with PTSD, mobility impairments or diabetes.

Rin Tin Tin

Some famous German shepherds are Rin Tin Tin, a war dog in World War I turned movie star and Strongheart, who was the one of the first dog actors.

Now check out Valley Middle School Students’ Dogs in the gallery at the bottom! The first dog is Scout, a German Shepherd mix, owned by Brody Leiknes. Brody’s favorite thing about her is that she is super playful.

Then we have Piper, GSD and she is owned by Hailey Foss. Hailey’s favorite thing about her is that she is super playful. Next we have Moroh, GSD owned by Brayden Rosenbush. Braydens favorite thing about Moroh is that she is really a big teddy bear. Last, but certainly not least is Hyrule, Germans Shepherd-Husky mix owned by Gabrielle Yeager. Gabrielle’s favorite thing about him is that he is so cuddly.

There are more dogs in the slideshow, but you’ll have to look in there to find them.