3 Steps to a Better Garden


With summer ahead, you have a lot of time on your hands. Why not plant some seeds and make a garden! Your garden could be any size and have any plants you want. There are a few things you need to keep in mind though. That is what this article is for.

1. Seeds

The plants you want to grow need to start somewhere. There are many brands but the brand I like to use is Lake Valley Seed. You can order seeds from some grocery stores and online. To easily get Lake Valley Seed, you can go to Gertens in Inver Grove Heights. On the back of the packets, you can find important information about when and how to plant the seeds.

2. Planning and Materials

When you plan your garden you want to make sure you have enough space for your different plants. Divide your garden up into polygons and other shapes. Depending on the size of your garden you can use anything from a toothpick to a hoe. You can make signs to distinguish different plants with wood markers.

3. Water and Care

Remembering to water your plants is important as they live off of the water. The right amount of water varies, but the dirt should be moist. Your finger should slide right through the soil. You should water around every other day to allow maximum growth. Light is also important. If you put the plants outside they will have a good amount of sunlight and remember to keep them out of the shade unless the seed packets advise you to give them shade. For inside gross make sure that the lights are specific for plants or make sure they are in a bright spot on a windowsill.

I really hope these tips helped you grow the garden you were imagining. Check in next school year for part 2 where I explain harvesting and how my own garden went.