mary’s dream part one


Hey just a few things 

1. This is not fully finished 

2. These are people acting nothing they do in this is how they would act in real life 

3. This is all in a game (Minecraft) 

4. Uses real events from the smp 

5. These are not all real events 

6. Spoilers, this is after Wilbur was revived\ When friend was killed(sadly) by skeepy

Chapter one : A new place 

Today starts off like no other day in the summer. I put on my favorite t-shirt and skirt. The butterfly patterns on my shoes seemed to fly on their own. I grabbed my sketchbook and went to a nearby lake. No one swims in this lake. It’s murky and you can see clumps of seaweed. So it’s a calm place for drawing. About thirty minutes later people started to come. I pack up my stuff and start to get up.

A person bumps into me and knocks me into the lake splash. Still holding on to my sketch book. I try to swim out but something wraps around my leg like tentacles. I start to get tired from swimming and I fall asleep. I woke up and glanced over my shoulders to the people next to me. A boy has a half tucked in shirt, messy brown hair and little horns like a goat. The other boy looked like a raccoon. He had the little raccoon markings and the ears and tail.

He’s taller than the other boy. There is also a lot of snow around. The smaller boy talks “Are you ok you were drowning? Oh we should probably introduce ourselves, hi I’m Tubbo this is Tommy.” He gestured to the other. “Your in Snowchester my country so who are you”? Tommy asks. He was cautious to meet me. “I’m Mary”, I answer. After some explanations to why I was here they lead me to a house where I meet two new people named Ranboo and Michael.

Ranboo looks like half enderman and half something , has a cool crown, and a black suit on. Michael is a zombie pigman in a green striped shirt, paper crown, and a golden sword. He looked like a little kid. They said that it was Tubbo’s and Ranboo’s kid. They seem very young though. They led me to their house and asked if I wanted to sit down and have dinner with them . After dinner they led me to a bedroom. The night settles on the sky like a blanket.I watched as the bright snow had started to dim . Later I begin to wake up as the sun flashes on my face as I turn to my side I see clothes that look like mine. I sit up and see a note, Hi Mary, I made some clothes for you hope they fit . I  also made some other things for you– Tubbo. I put on the clothes that fit perfectly. I see a bow for my hair. It had no colors or patterns, weird. It was near the note and a compass