Mary’s dream part 3


Hey just a few things 

1. This is not fully finished 

2. These are people acting nothing they do in this is how they would act in real life 

3. This is all in a game (Minecraft) 

4. Gore and death 

5. Uses real events from the smp 

6. These are not all real events 

7. Spoilers This is after Wilbur was revived\ When friend was killed (sadly) by Skeepy

“I am gonna go to bed.” Tubbo shows me the guest room. I was so tired I fell on the bed and slept. They wake me saying we have to go! “Ok let me pack up my stuff.” We ran east to a hole. “Hold Michael and jump in,” Tubbo says. “There is water at the bottom that will make sure you don’t die.” “Okay.” I said as I jumped in for my dear life with Micheal in my hands. We get to the bottom, splash goes the water. We run to a door and get in. Slam, I shut the door. Micheal and I fall asleep as soon as we sat down. We wake up and a green blob is in front of me and Micheal. He tells me to run. I grab Micheal. He told me to put him down, I said no. I ran as fast as I could. “ pointless to run Mary I have already won. Now if you could hand over the child and you won’t get hurt! Hahahaha I do make myself laugh, no matter what you will get hurt.” He stands there waiting. I ran to Techno’s house. “He is not there…. where is he”? I see the green man again. “What is your name?” “Dream, son of Captain Puffy’.” He says “Formal much?” I try to distract him so I can just run away in the middle of the sentence. I ran straight to Kinoko Kingdom. I am panting, I hide but Dream still finds me. I dropped him and ran back to Snowchester. As I ran I could hear little squeals of help… Then they stop. I sat down next to a hill worried about Michael. Wait did he kill Micheal?!” I exclaim “Yes he did,” a voice says. I start to tear up. “What is y-your n-name?” “Puffy, sorry about my little duckling.” “You mean D-Dream… right?” “Yes, that is my adopted son. He has a sister who can be very sassy.” She says “That must be nice.” I say, catching my breath, “Nope, he and his younger brother fight as well.” I laugh loudly “What is your name dear?” She asks, “Mary.” I answer, slightly skeptical “Who are you staying with?” She says with an inquisitive look on her face “ Tubbo, Ranboo and Tommy.”  “Hmm so a goat, a minor who is half enderman and a raccoon who is friends with my daughter.” “Yes, I guess?” I say with a chuckle. Puffy looks like a nice person. I think I can trust her.