The Gutter- Chapter Two

The Gutter- Chapter Two


Sal stormed out of the police station. She furiously brushed her hand through her hair. “That-“ Her phone buzzed in excitement. She pulled it out and answered. “Sal.”

“Hey Sal. I heard about you’re Aunt’s death. You doing okay?” It was the peppy voice of her best friend, Jessie. “I’m fine… She was killed by the Gutter.” She could hear Jessie freeze. “The…Gutter? I thought I had more time.” Jessie whispered. “What do you mean more-“ Jessie abruptly hung up. Sal frowned and called an Uber.




When she finally came back to her office at San Ricardo Newspaper, her boss was waiting in a seat. “Oh, Sorry I was out Mr-“ He stood up and shook her hand. “Sally, Sally, Sally! Why do you always think that you’re in trouble? I’m here to give you a raise!” He said, holding out a check. “Wait what?” Sal dropped her bag in the chair and took it. “I thought you deserved it after that fantastic article on cephalopods.” She thanked him graciously, and he left her to work. Sal smiled to herself and set the check into her bag.

Suddenly, her desk phone rang excitedly. “Roberts.”

“Saaall! What’s shakin’?” Freddy’s voice always seemed to creep her out, but today was especially weird.

“Hey Freddy.” She dully said as she typed a new article on the Gutter. “Did you know Jessie’s back in town?” Sal asked.

“He is…? That’s great!” His voice suddenly got much cheerier. No surprise she didn’t tell him. What happened between them anyway? She wondered. “Anyways, I know you’re on break, so I wondered if you wanted to come to the Corner Cafe?” Sal reluctantly agreed to the proposal. I mean, what could happen?


As she walked in, Freddy waved her to his table, his blue scrubs looking looser than usual. “Good to see you again!” He laughed as he sipped his coffee. “I heard about your Aunt. Sorry for your loss.”

“Yeah, its weird not having her around.”

“Well…On a happy note, TEN of my AB patients got new organs!”

Sal froze. “Ten…?”

“Yes! It’s amazing!”

“Yes…But who donated ten organs??”

Freddy shrugged and they chatted for awhile. But Sal just couldn’t stop thinking about her aunt. She had an AB blood type after all….