Mary’s Dream 2 Part 1

Hey just a few things 1.this is not fully finished 2.These are people acting nothing they do in this is how they would act in real life 3.This is all in a game (Minecraft) 4.Gore and death 5.Uses real events from the smp 6.These are not all real events 7.Spoilers This is after Dream Escapes Prison


You wake up in a small obsidian room by yourself and you stand up and look to your right and see lava pouring down and it doesn’t stop. You start to yell “Tommy…. TUBBO …. Ranboo?” Nothing.  “ANYONE THERE!?”
All of a sudden you hear a voice saying, “Mary, you fell into a coma for almost 10 months, Dream escaped again and we haven’t found him, Tommy and Tubbo said to put you in here to keep you safe,” It continues, “You will be able to leave when Puffy comes and gives you a checkup and says you’re healthy. After that you will be brought to Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo’s hideout, I am gonna let Puffy know that you are awake, I’ll be back in 3-6 hours,” “Wait!” You hear the voice again, “What?” “Who are you?” I ask “Awesamdude,” He replies. You see a bed and you go lay down for a bit while you wait.

5 hours later

You are woken up by the sound of someone shaking you. You open your eyes and see a goat about 5 feet tall. She says “happy to see you awake, I am Captain Puffy but you call me Puffy. I am gonna give a checkup. It will take around an hour”. She gives a warm smile. “Also Sam said if you are healthy and don’t need to stay you can leave with me” she said. We did a check up and Puffy asked me if I have a sore throat or any pain, I say no.

45 Minutes later

Puffy finished giving me a check up so she went and informed Sam about my health. She didn’t tell me if I was okay or not, but I wonder why she didn’t. I waited around 2 hours for her. She came back, placed a chair and told me what Sam said.