How My Best Friend Died (Chpt.1)

How My Best Friend Died (Chpt.1)


I wasn’t planning to be at the Sewaid Energy Plant. The only reason I was there was because my best friend, Peter, needed help cleaning up something. I pushed open the thin metal door to his dad’s office. “Louise! Thank goodness.” He says, grabbing my arm. “Wait-Oh no.” I say, groaning. What did he do now? “I accidentally dropped my dad’s keys down one of the vents.” He said, looking down at his shoes. I sigh in relief. It’s much better than I- “There’s more.” He opened the door to the storage vaults. The entire walkway was covered in something. I groan. He hands me a mop.

“At least nobody’s hurt, right?” I laugh. We get to work.

“Hey, remember that time you dropped a sandwich into one of these vats?” I giggle.

“Oh god.”

“Haha! Your dad was so mad.”

“Don’t remind me…”

“And that look on your face!” My face mirrors his former expression of guilt, sadness, and joy.

“You’re never going to let this go, aren’t you?”


We laugh as I dip the mop into the bucket. “What did you even spill?” Peter shrugs. “Some vial left on my dad’s desk. It rolled out here than…broke. Most of it went down the ride into that vat of something.” He said. I raised an eyebrow.

 Geez. Pete has the worst luck. “Let’s just hope he doesn’t notice.” We continue to work until I pop some Raycon Everyday earbuds into my ear. I wish I didn’t though. Peter’s body thuds on the catwalk over the vats. I scream and turn around. Two men stand behind him. One holds a crowbar, stained with Peter’s blood. He has the bluest blue eyes ever. It’s weird. I charge toward him in anger, but it’s all futile. In an instant, like they had planned it, An arm reaches out and pushes me out into the goo. I scream as the goo burns my skin as I melt. I can feel my bones dissolving. I’m nothing. My world is gone. Everything is black.


I yawn and open my eyes. Wait a second… I stand up. I’m okay? I’m back at home. I feel my face. I’m okay! Maybe it was just a dream? I go down stairs and grab a mug from the cabinet. I take the-… My hand is inside the coffee pot. I pull it out. I…I can stick my hand through it. I try to grab the handle. My hand passes right through it. What is happening to me?