Underrated everything: Speed racer

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What is it?


This movie was released on April 26, 2008. It’s based on a Japanese book that became an anime. The first episode was released in 1967 and ran until 1968. It had a total of 52 episodes. Soon they made a reboot called ‘Speed Racer X’ and it ran January 9, 1997 – September 25, 1997, With a total of 32 episodes. Soon they made a game for it that was originally released for the PS2 and Wii. Then they made a live action movie to promote the game. The movie was directed by The Wachowskis and was released on May 9th 2008, 

And it was a flop.

What’s the story about?


The story follows the protagonist, Speed and his family (Rex, Pops, Speed, The mom Spritle and Chim-Chim) and his girlfriend Trixie. His family was in the automobile racing business his big brother Rex was especially good at racing, Speed and Pops were watching Rex’s race live. But suddenly during the race, Rex went into a tunnel and then an explosion happened and Rex’s car fell off a cliff and he supposedly died. Then the story time skip to when Speed is 18. Speed really wants to get the family back into the racing business like when he was a kid but nobody (other than Speed) wanted to, They didn’t want what happened to Rex to happen again. But speed was very sure that he would be successful and fix his family’s reputation. One Afternoon Arnold Royalton, Owner of conglomerate Royalton Industries comes by and offers speed a luxurious lifestyle for the price of Speed representing the company while he races. Speed can’t decide so Royalton gives him a week to decide. The movie transitions to a guy who looks like he’s getting threaded to lose a race to some people. Just as they are gonna throw him in the fish tank Racer X comes and saves him. A week passes and Speed is ready to make the decision. He says no because of Pop’s hate for big industries racing sponsors, Royalton asks him to reconsider. Royalton shows Speed evidence that companies manipulated the races and how all the racers from his company win and are remembered. Royalton claimed that if speed joined him he would have fame and riches. Speed declines again and Royalton tells him that if he doesn’t he won’t ever win or even finish. During this Spritle finds out that Royalton is using an illegal cheat. They go home and Speed is starting to overthink what royalton said. He doesn’t know if he made the right decision, But his mom reassured him and said he made the right decision. Racer X stops by and we get more context on who the guy from earlier was. His name is ‘Taejo Togokahn’. He has contact with a fixer named Cruncher Block, Taejo was forced to lose races but he began resisting. After Taejo realized he needed help, He said he would give them a file with enough evidence to put block and royalton in jail for the rest of their lives.. If they help him save his family’s business. Taejo says that if He, Speed and Racer X win the Cross Country Race where Rex died they would get enough money to save his family’s business. Pop said no because he doesn’t want what happened to Rex to happen again, But Speed really wants to go. Speed goes behind Pop’s back and joins anyway because he really wants to see Royalton in jail for trying to hurt his family. The C.I.B upgrades his car with all sorts of cool stuff to keep him safe from the other drivers who are definitely using illegal weapons. Speed, Racer X, And Taejo get to the race. The first day goes pretty good but Spritle and Pops see Speed on the TV. After the first part of the race Speed’s family goes to the hotel that Speed, Racer X, And Taejo are staying at. At first Pops isn’t happy about Speed racing, But he lets Speed do it if he promises that he won’t get hurt. But later they get attacked by ninja’s and a really epic fight scene happens. After that the race continues and they’re doing pretty good, But they get attacked by Royalotln’s minions and another epic fight happens. After that they finished that race, But it’s revealed that Taejo lied about the files. The next few days everyone feels betrayed, But Taejo’s sister comes and gives Speed and Racer X a paper that they can use to get into the Grand Prix. The next day they start the race. It’s going well until Royalton uses his secret weapon. Speed somehow makes a sick jump that shows everyone Royalton’s cheating in 4K, Everyone is shocked and Royalton gets kicked out of the race. It seems like everything is fine, But Speed’s car breaks down; Luckily he fixes it. Speed is kind of scared because he’s right by the cave where his brother died. He gets out of the cave and finishes the race. Speed gets 1st place and everyone is happy. Then it’s revealed that Racer X is actually Rex with plastic surgery, But he still doesn’t tell Speed leaving room for a sequel. 


Who’s in it?

Emile Hirsch- Speed Racer

Christina Ricci- Trixie

Susan Sarandon- Mom racer

Ariel Winter- Trixie

Matthew Fox- Racer X

John Goodman- Pops Racer

Scott Porter- Racer X

Paulie Litt- Spritle

Peter Fernandez- Local announcer 

Nicholas Elia- Speed racer

Kick Gurry- Sparky

Richard Roundtree- Ben burns

Roger Allam- Royalton 

RAIN- Taejo Togokhan

Underrated scale: unnoticed 


I think this movie is very good and should get attention. I personally love the way they mixed CGI with live action especially because the movie was made in 2008. I didn’t even know about this movie until my guitar teacher brought it up. The style is like if you mixed: anime, live action, and a discord ad. into one movie.

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