The Kaida and Noxus War


Hello, fellow classmates. My name is Asli Adam and I will be sharing a short story I wrote. It’s called The Kaida and Noxus War. This story is going to be published frequently, hope you enjoy!

The Kaida and Noxus War



       Once upon a time, there was a mighty sorcerer named Noxus. He roamed freely and ruled the demons of the underworld. Whoever tried to defy him would be severely punished, but at the surface was a kingdom of dragons. The sorcerer and the elder of all dragons, were mortal enemies from the war between the two kingdoms. They hated each other to the bottom of their souls, and will yet to be discovered. Back in the human world, a legendary hero has been born into a young human boy. May the journey begin.

Chapter One 

On September 21, 2006 Zander Hadas is about to find out a shocking truth in the passing hours.

Zander Hadas:


I woke up to the sound of my torcherous clock ringing till I finally got out of my bed. I quickly turned my head to check the time when I realized I was late for school. I quickly ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth and jumped in my clothes. I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs, skipping breakfast. 

Mom: “Hey honey!. Why are you running?!”

Zandar:“I’m late!” 

Mom:“But it’s only 6am?”

Zandar: Wait what? “What did you just say…” “ It’s just six?” Oh. I’m early. “Oh. Never mind then.” ”If you say so my mom.” I angrily went back to my room and then looked at my phone. It was really 6 ‘o’clock. I was so mad at the clock for disturbing my sleep. I went to the controls to change the clock to the correct time. I quietly went back to sleep. 


Finally the clock rang and I correctly woke up for school. I already had my clothes on because of the disaster that happened this morning. So I went down stairs, and I knew my mom made something delicious, but I didn’t get a glimpse of it because of the rush I was in, and I was for some reason excited for breakfast. I thought it would be my mom’s delicious pancakes but to my disappointment it was the French toast. I like French toast but not as much as pancakes. I angrily went to the cupboard to get the syrup. I went back to the table and started munching on the French toast. I finished the food and went to get my shoes. I got my backpack off the table and left the door.


As I walked to the bus stop I felt someone come from behind and yank my backpack. When I looked around it was just my best friend Toby Thomson (Toby was short for Tobias) who lived across the street. 

Zandar: “Toby, what was that for?!” 

Toby: “What, I was just having a little fun before our miserable day at school.” 

Zandar: “Ok I agree with you, but that still hurts!” I started chasing him and he started running away from me which annoyed me because I wanted my revenge. I chased him a few blocks then when we got to the stoplight, we had to stop. I gave up afterwards because I needed the energy for the school day. When we got to the bus stop I refused to talk to Toby, but when he looked away I yanked his backpack so hard he fell to the ground. 

Zandar: “That’s what you get.” 

Toby: “Dude!” 

Zandar: “Okay I’m sorry, siiikkke!” 

Toby: “Zander you’re gonna get it!”  

We were delivering fake punches when the bus came. We immediately stopped because our bus driver was strict. We really thought he was an alien because he shows no emotion except anger, which Toby and I found somewhat funny. 


When we finally got to school I was really tired but I had to make it through the day. When the school day was finally done, I had to wait for Toby as usual because he took forever because his last class was at the end of the school. While he finally arrived we went to our bus and as we were getting on, I saw a man who just came out of nowhere. I just thought it was a random old man walking behind the bus, but little did I know that something shocking was about to happen.

To be continued