Marcus’s Demise

Marcus’s Demise

Marcus’s Demise

Marcus for the first time, was by himself. He was following Stevie and harassing him like any other day, throwing things at him, making fun of him. the reason he was alone was because the people who he normally hung out with were all at someone’s house hanging out and Marcus decided to not come. Marcus opened a bottle of water and would go behind Stevie and would start to dump the entire thing on him, then suddenly.


Stevie swiftly turned around and punched him in the face, he then grabbed Marcus’s water bottle and threw it all over Marcus. It felt like a school bus falling from the sky on top of Marcus. Marcus just froze there, surprised that Stevie actually hit back, Marcus then tried to hit at Stevie, then Marcus was suddenly pushed to the ground by Stevie. Marcus tried to get back up, though once your on the ground in a fight, it’s over.


After like five minutes of Stevie letting out all his rage onto Marcus, he finally let him go and Marcus started to run away. Marcus managed to avoid being seen by anyone as he ran home and quickly opened the door to his home, his mother always kept it unlocked as she didn’t care about when Marcus got home. As long as it’s before dinner. He quickly ran upstairs, took a right and slammed the door to his room when he got in, he couldn’t be seen like this, his clothes had multiple rips on them from Stevie, and his mom broke up with his dad, meaning money was tight. Meaning that he can’t get a new uniform.

Knock knock. Knock knock. Knock.

“Marcus? Are you in there?” Marcus’s heart would drop as his mother spoke, he then responded “Y-Yeah, why mom?” Marcus’s mother would then say “Open the door.” Marcus would then panic, as if his mom saw how his uniform looked like, she would freak out, so he said “Just a second! I’m… Changing.” Marcus went to his closet, where he kept all his clothes at and would put on a white t-shirt and red shorts and would hide his uniform and open the door.


She gasped as he saw the state of Marcus, he would had forgotten how bad he looked
because he knew his mom would be absolutely furious with him. Marcus’s mother then said “WHAT HAPPENED?!” Marcus’s train of thought would be interrupted and said “I-I fell and hurt myself!” Marcus had a black eye and had multiple bruises all around his arms and legs.

“Who did this?!”

Marcus’s mother would say to him, Marcus wouldn’t say anything because he didn’t want his mother to know that he bullied Stevie, as his mother thought he was innocent and didn’t hurt anyone. Marcus would finally say “S-Stevie..” He thought to himself that he could lie and say that Stevie has been bullying him, not the other way around. Marcus’s mom knew who Stevie was, but barely knew him, all she knew was that Marcus didn’t like him, she would then say “Come son, I’ll make you something to eat. We will talk to his mother tomorrow.”


This story was based off of a book called Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds.