Katarréei Kóposi Book 1 Chapter 1

Will Rose find Ada?


Chapter 1

Dying. She was dying and there was nothing I could do about it. My younger sister was dying in my arms because of me. I should have been the one dying not her. Although I may have wished it was me and not her, that doesn’t change the fact that it was her. I screamed, at the top of my lungs, “ Antoinette! You can’t die! You just can’t,” I started balling my eyes out, “I won’t let you. Please come back, Ada!”
“Wake up. It is alright,” Antoinette whispered, “I’m right here you have nothing to fear. I’m right by your side. Please wake up, I’m not dead.” I slowly was awakening when I realized it was all just a dream. Then as I buried my face into her shoulder I started crying. At first it was a  subtle cry but it turned into a sob after awhile.

“Don’t leave today, please. I don’t trust Nicola Tesla. He is up to something and I believe that if anyone helps him in his plot to take down Thomas Edison, they’ll end up dead.” That is what I had said to my sister that day not knowing of the future. That she would send me a letter saying that she needed me to come to Paris, France where we grew up. To meet her at a specific location, a lake in Paris where I was supposed to board the Helios. The Helios was a ship sized like the titanic but with better steering and control. Also was running on power from Tesla Coils. That day I knew something was off although I didn’t know what it was exactly, I still knew that she would be in danger. I had this bad achy feeling that my sister was in an abundance of danger. I was so worried that I begged her not to go.

“You know that I have to leave today. I will be perfectly fine. You don’t have to worry one little bit.” That’s what she had responded with not knowing the terrors to come.

Then all of a sudden her voice got stern with me like she was my mother, “ Now get dressed and come downstairs I made breakfast! I will not be coming home for a while so you will need to do chores, help mother, still work to pay for food and finish getting your degree. So I will À bientôt downstairs to say Au revoir.” As she left the room I hesitated to get up out of my bed knowing that she was hiding something from me and she wasn’t doing well. Little did I know that three years later after Ada left, our mother would die, I would have been working as a lawyer, and she would send me a sketchy letter about her and myself being in imminent danger.