2 Simple (NOT EASY) ways to make money

SIMPLE Ways to Make Money

     Making money often looks daunting, but the mindset you need to have is to embrace failure, and not treat it as such, because the word is misleading, because you still get something out of failing, so it’s not a complete loss. The following list are the ways I have made money through the past, and what I believe are the only true ways to make money without a job, because frankly most jobs suck the life out of you.

  1. Resell clothes on EBay or Facebook Market Place (PRACTICAL STEPS) Go onto Ebay and search “Adidas Jumper” and filter by listing ending soon. Then, buy one of them, which should be between 3-5$ or around that range. Then, once it ships or you can go to the post office yourself, Resell it for between 20-30$ or a 10X Mark-up, so you make a very high profit margin.

2. Get a following on Social Media 

As much as I hate social media for mental health, it’s a very good opportunity for making money. Once you accumulate a large following online, you can sell something to them or make money of off Ad revenue. For example, if you have a following on YouTube, sell a course for 50$, 200 people buy it, that’s 10000$ as passive income, and once you make it, you don’t need to further maintain it, you make money in your sleep.